Biltmore Luxury Level 4 Mattress

Restonic Mattress is a recipient of a Women's Choice Award.

Our Level 4 Biltmore Luxury Mattress is designed to deliver the kind of restorative, luxurious sleep you need – and deserve. Covered in a luxurious cashmere blend, prepare yourself for the perfect combination of plushness and comfort. Dual technologies of cooling, luxurious Talalay Latex and a body-cushioning support system support more than 3,700 individually wrapped, steel MicroCoils encased in luxurious layers of innovative temperature-balancing materials, all surrounded by a foam-encased edge-to-edge support. Welcome home to your best night’s sleep.

Inside the Biltmore mattress

Exclusive to Biltmore, luxurious cashmere creates an instant cooling effect and gently moves heat away from the body all night for a temperature-controlled micro-climate.

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Biltmore Mattress
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  1. S

    Stephen Verified Buyer

    The most comfortable mattress I've

    The most comfortable mattress I've ever owned! Great quality and value for the money!

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  2. D

    Deborah D. Verified Buyer

    Happy Sleeper!

    I am so very happy with my Biltmore Restonic mattress! I prefer a firm, flat top mattress and after searching for MANY months, this model was just what I was looking for (they are hard to find these days as many people seem to prefer a softer, foam mattress). It offers enough comfort for my side sleeping body but the firm support that I need! I have had it a month and am glad that I chose a Restonic.

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