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Enjoy plush comfort for your entire body while ensuring your sleeping area is fresh and clean night after night with this Silpure Antimicrobial Fiber Filled Body Pillow with CoolMAX Fabric Cover from Restonic. Silpure fiber uses the power of silver to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection helping inhibit the growth of unwanted odors to allow you to enjoy a fresh and clean sleeping experience. This unique patented technology contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate when the conditions for bacterial growth exist. Each 54″x20″ lofty body pillow features a luxuriously soft 300 thread count, cotton-rich fabric cover that incorporates CoolMAX Technology allowing it to wick away moisture for a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest. Silpure silver antimicrobial is US EPA registered (92760-1) and a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Inc.

  • LOFTY FIBERFILL – Each body pillow is generously filled with lofty fiber to provide plush yet supportive comfort
  • PROTECTION AGAINST ODORS – Silpure silver antimicrobial treatment on the fiberfill provides long-term protection against unwanted odors
  • COOLMAX FABRIC TECHNOLOGY – 300 thread count, cotton-rich cover incorporates CoolMAX Technology allowing it to wick away moisture for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep
  • ENTIRE BODY COMFORT – Pillow measures 54″x20″ to offer plush support for the whole body and is perfect for side sleepers to cuddle throughout the night
  • Silpure silver antimicrobial is EPA registered and a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Inc.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 20 × 5 in


Fill Content

100% Polyester Fiber

Fabric Content

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Cover Thread Count


Cover Pattern




Country of Origin

Filled and finished in USA from imported materials

Care Label

Spot clean only, do not place in washing machine or dryer. Use mild detergent, rinse, squeeze water out gently. Let air dry away from direct sunlight and heat.


3 years

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  1. R

    Robbie Verified Buyer

    Body pillow

    Product: Body Pillow

    Cool maxRestronic fresh and clean silpure Antimicrobial fiber filled body pillow with CoolMax 300 thread count wicked fabric this is a body pillow that I will enjoy because it’s really firm and soft it’s made with very good material really quality materialOverall it’s a nice body pillow and I do recommend if you want a body pillow the cool max 300 thread count body pillow is the way to go

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  2. Rosie22 Verified Buyer

    Excellent Performance!

    Product: Body Pillow

    The Restonic Fresh and Clean Silpure Antimicrobial Fiber Filled Body Pillow with CoolMAX 300 Thread Count Moisture Wicking Fabric Cover is extremely comfortable and a must have. Coming home from work, I usually take a small nap but this amazing bodypillow allows for a faster more comfy sleep area. Once I started using it, the pillow has alleviated any body discomfort that I accumulate at work from prolonged hours of standing, sitting and walking. I sleep on my side and comfortably use the bodypillow to relax my body and joints. The comfy cool cover adds additional comfort and correct position of target areas of my body that need relaxation.

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  3. S

    Strickland Verified Buyer

    Soft-Tex Body Pillow

    Product: Body Pillow

    I’ve had this Soft-Tex body pillow about a week. I would have to say this is definitely my new favorite. This body pillow is so comfortable and feels cooling. This is definitely a great option for side sleepers like myself. I do wish it had a little more Fiber in it so it don’t flatten so easily. I’m very happy with this pillow.

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  4. W

    Waka Verified Buyer

    Super comfy and cool

    Product: Body Pillow

    This pillow is perfect for me since I’m a side sleeper. I can hug onto this thing and it helps align my back while I sleep as well as keep my hands and legs apart from each other especially in these hot summer months when its super humid. Bonus feature that the pillow stays cold!

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  5. G

    Ginger20 Verified Buyer

    Sleeping on a cloud

    Product: Body Pillow

    It’s like sleeping on a cloud!!! SO SOFT AND FLUFFY ! Provide me great support for my shoulder and hips why laying on my side. The pillow also stays pretty cool, despite my partner and dog being wedged in bed with me. Perfect length for a body pillow, and no bulky or anything!! Overall a great body pillow!!

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