ComfortCare Firm Mattress

Restonic Mattress is a recipient of a Women's Choice Award. Consumer Best Buy 2018
ComfortCare Mattress

Flexible, firm and supportive, you’ll love the way the ComfortCare® Firm mattress provides all over support all night long.

Marvelous Middle®

Close up of mattress surface

Patented Marvelous Middle® technology delivers 25% more support in the middle of the mattress, where you need it most.

  • Equalizes pressure distribution across the entire body
  • Resilient, durable center support
  • Extra lumbar support in the center third
  • Protects against sagging for a superior mattress life

Individually wrapped, zoned, tempered coils

Mattress coils

Individually wrapped, zoned, tempered coils provide conforming support and reduce partner disturbance from motion transfer.

  • Zoned – 25% more support in the center third
  • Tempered – heat treated to ensure coil "memory"
  • Provides individual support and comfort and reduces motion transfer

Airflow™ border

Illustration of airflow through mattress surface

Ventilated, flexible and resilient border that allows air to circulate throughout the night, keeping your mattress temperature-neutral.

  • Delivers ventilated support
  • Regulates temperature fluctuations
  • Keeps bedding fresh and reduces allergens

Superedge Plus®

Foam around boarder of mattress

Exceptionally firm foam that resists sagging and surrounds the perimeter of your mattress for edge-to-edge support.

  • Edge-to-edge sleep comfort
  • Extends the life of the mattress
  • Provides a stable base for the entire mattress

High-density extra-firm foam

Close up of foam

Delivers durable, reinforced cushioning support across the entire sleep surface.

  • Provides rigid support
  • Extends the comfort life of the mattress
  • Best for stomach sleepers

TempaGel by Restonic®

Hand pushing on foam

Gel-infused memory foam that delivers the conforming support of memory foam – but with gel that dissipates heat instead of storing it.

  • Reduces partner motion disturbance
  • Reacts to and moderates temperature variances
  • Buffers sensitive pressure points and helps improve circulation
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  1. D

    Don Verified Buyer

    Mattress Review

    The first night was not pleasant for we were not used to a firm mattress. We attempted to exchange it for a softer one, but could not due to policy with the store we had purchased it. They made some suggestions to soften it which really worked. Now it is great was are sleeping much better.

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  2. r

    rick Verified Buyer

    Love this mattress

    We recently purchased this mattress for our teen daughter. The first day she took a nap and slept for hours. We can hardly get her up she sleeps soo good on this mattress. Her back was hurting with old mattress and never complains with this one. I want to try it out one night and see if this is what we need! Its soo nice and good quality

    Was this review helpful? 2 0
  3. J

    Jamie Verified Buyer


    I bought my memory foam mattress back in October. At first it felt VERY firm but after a few weeks it gave way. I get a good nights sleep and am satisfied with the purchase of this product.

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  4. R


    euro top

    Very good nights. sleep. Did not roll over not once. Could not believe it. Also got up started walking, no stretching or getting the kinks out.!!!

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  5. P

    Phyllis Verified Buyer

    Not as good as my old restonic but I have to give it a chance.

    My old one lasted me twenty three years and at times I wish I had it back. I'm disappointed that the edges are not the same as the old one. Also, doesn't seem to be as firm as I remember the old one being at the start. I am relying on the name though.

    Was this review helpful? 2 1
  6. N

    Naida Verified Buyer

    ComfortCare Signature

    After spending over 15 years sleeping in a recliner due to back issues I can't begin to tell you how much I love this bed. I go to bed every night and feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. I tell everyone about my new bed and even make those who visit lay on the bed to try it out. No more recliners for me. I'll sleep on my new bed and feel like I'm on a big puffy cloud from now on.

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  7. S

    Sylvia S. Verified Buyer


    The most comfortable sleep system I have ever slept on.

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  8. C

    Chelsea Verified Buyer

    The mattress is pretty comfortable.

    The mattress is pretty comfortable. I love having a bigger bed.

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  9. L

    Linda Verified Buyer

    so far so good

    so far so good

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  10. J

    Jerry P. Verified Buyer

    Bed set

    Haven't had the set long enough for a proper review.

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