Holly jolly Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of holly and sleep! Whether you’re laying on your back, craving a midnight snack or have your sleep routine perfected, how you sleep says a lot about you.

We’ve been bingeing every Christmas special on Netflix and got to thinking about all those great iconic characters – from the Grinch to the classic Heatmiser. Could their characteristics relate to how we sleep? Sip some eggnog and find out what Christmas character you sleep like.

Iconic Christmas Characters The GrinchThe Grinch – the grumpy sleeper

In reality you’re the reformed Grinch (post-Whoville) but in bed your heart is 2 sizes too small. Waking up is not your favorite activity – the snooze button is your Max. You dread hearing, “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” – You can’t just get it right. If only the office was in our sheets.

Whether it’s Monday blues or waking up irritable follow these tips:

  • Don’t rush your wake up – Prepare your clothes, lunch and schedule the night before.
  • Go to sleep on time – Stick to your regular routine. A well-rested body reduces the uneasiness in the morning.
  • Wake up earlier – Set your alarm 30 minutes early and enjoy a cup of coffee or even go for a jog around the block. Your muscles and brain will thank you for the jumpstart to your busy day.

Iconic Christmas Characters Rudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerRudolph – the nightlight sleeper

Late night bathroom trips are never dark and foggy with your nightlight guiding you. You’re easily steered past the furniture and random objects on your bedroom floor thanks to the good ol’ nightlight.

Though it’s recommended to sleep with the lights out, some of us just love having a dim strobe in the bedroom. We suggest keeping the light away from the bed but in a spot that can help light your path – plugged in the bathroom outlet or in a far corner away from your peripheral vision.

frostyFrosty the Snowman – the chill sleeper

A blizzard is raging outside and you transformed your bedroom into the North Pole. Windows open, fan blowing, no blankets and sleeping in your skivvy’s – brrr. Sleeping cold is your go-to happy place. Sometimes though, you wake up shivering, regretting your frosty choice.

Try adjusting your routine and set some things into place to keep comfortable in the middle of the night. Have a blanket nearby, crack the window open (instead of flinging it wide) and set the thermostat at a constant temp of 69F. Even better if you have a timer to set for late night cooling down or warming up.

Iconic Christmas Characters Gingerbread ManThe Gingerbread Man – midnight snacker

Run, run as fast you can – to the fridge. You can’t help yourself from the late night bingeing. Unfortunately, late night snacking can result in a lot of weight gain because most of the time, you’re eating the foods you love the most, such as the leftover cookies from Grandma’s Christmas party.

Some tips to curb the midnight cravings:

  • Plan an activity after dinner – Something simple like walking the dog or relaxing on the sofa with a good book.
  • Satisfy your cravings – Stray away from buying cookies and candies at the store.
  • Eat the right dinner – Make sure to get plenty of protein and fiber so you’re full and not craving more.

Iconic Christmas CharactersThe Heatmiser – The hot sleeper

Do you wake up in a sweat or find yourself red from the intolerable heat from sleeping? No one wants to be a Heat Miser, so maybe you need to cool down like the Snow Miser.

To help with the heat:

  • Use cotton sheets – Breathable and perfect for promoting ventilation and air flow through the night.
  • Swap out your pillow – Choose a smaller and softer pillow that allows more air circulation around your head.
  • Get a temperature-controlled mattressRestonic mattresses contain Outlast, a NASA developed temperature controlling system that proactively regulates temperature to adjust to the body’s microclimate for optimum comfort. When it’s too warm, Outlast absorbs and stores the excess heat.

Iconic Christmas Characters Santa ClausSanta Claus – The holly jolly sleeper

Like Santa you’re on a tight schedule – making a list and checking it twice. With kids, work and extra-curricular activities there’s no time to waste. You make the most of the holidays but you also know how to prioritize shut-eye. Try planning out a consistent sleep routine that you can easily stick to, especially with days off work and the kids roaming free at home.

Surprised with your Christmas sleep character? Let us know what you think.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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