7 grab-and-go recipes for

Stress-free mornings

Life is busy. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Prep now, eat later – cutlery (mostly) optional

Portable and healthy meals for busy families that will make you wonder how you coped with mornings before this!

Granola bars may be an OG snack, but they’re also packed with refined sugars and preservatives. But made at home, they’re exactly what you want: a hearty meal-on the go.

granola bars

Protein box

Instead of picking up a bagel on the way, consider preparing yourself a portable brekkie. Think hard boiled eggs, crackers, fruits, nuts,– whatever you like.

breakfast cookies

Wholesome and satisfying, we recommend keeping a batch of these in the freezer at all times.

Kids love pancakes. But who has time to whip up a batch on a busy weekday morning? Mix up your batter, pour into mini muffin cups and top with your favorites. Bake, then freeze ‘em.

Pancake muffins

Egg Cups

Egg cups are one of the easiest grab-and-go breakfasts. Imagine your favorite omelet. Now picture it as a muffin. Mix ‘em up and pop in the oven. Then refrigerate and warm the next morning.

Yogurt parfait

Looking for a quick and simple breakfast your kids can make themselves? Start with a jar or container. Layer honey, yogurt, fruit and a sprinkling of cereal.

These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated till you need them. In fact, they will stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge and even longer in the freezer.

Breakfast burrito