Power up the most important meal of the day with these nutritious (and delicious!) recipes

To moms everywhere, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and we know Mom is ALWAYS right. To be honest, we think few things in life are better than a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

Healthy breakfast ideasIf sleep is the fuel you need for a productive, energetic day, think of breakfast as the key in the ignition. To keep you powered up until lunch (and your hand out of the feedbag in the afternoon), pack your breakfast with hearty amounts of protein, nutrients AND flavor. 

Did you know: the average person spends approx. 45 minutes cooking dinner, 25 minutes on lunch and less than 10 minutes thinking about or prepping breakfast. We think it’s time to change that. From eggs reimagined to make-ahead muffins, and three-ish ingredient recipes, there’s a best breakfast waiting to kickstart your busy morning.  To make things easy, we’ve put together some super-healthy (and easy to make) breakfast recipes that will nourish your body and get you set up for success.

FYI –even though we said we wouldn’t, we couldn’t help ourselves from including one smoothie–albeit a unique one. After all, it’s the standby we all know and love.  Change certainly is good…

Breakfast hack hint: many of these recipes can be made in advance, refrigerated or frozen, and heated just when you need them. Batch cook muffins, tarts, or bites on the weekend and then enjoy on a busy weekday morning for nutrient dense food on-the-go.

Fruit it Up!

Berry Breakfast parfaitsDouble berry breakfast parfait recipe

Fresh, bright and super quick. Those are 3 words to describe this sweet tart and oh-so-speedy breakfast. Just layer up the vitamin-rich berries with protein-packed Greek yogurt – and add honey for a touch of extra sweetness. Top with a little cinnamon and there you go. Make these babies ahead in small mason jars and store in the fridge for up to 2 days. Talk about a Monday that’s easy like a Sunday morning. Get the recipe: FoodFaithFitnessBlog.com

Honey lime quinoa fruit saladHoney lime quinoa fruit salad recipe

Not much of a breakfast person but still looking for something bright to spoon up? Fruit salad might be tempting you, even though it’s lacking in the nutrients that keep us full through ‘till lunch. No worries, since superstar quinoa – packed with protein and texture – will take your bowl of sweetness to the next level. Top with a honey lime glaze to add interest and you’ll have found a winner. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoying this one at all times of the day. Get the recipe: TheRecipeCritic.com

Banana SushiBanana sushi recipe

Ok. Technically, these delightful sweet bites are more of a snack than a breakfast–but nobody ever said we were rule followers. Picture this: start with a banana, roll it in nut butter, top it with some crunch–granola, rice cereal, puffed quinoa, nuts or seeds–and then slice it up just like sushi. Talk about making breakfast fun. Prep up a bunch and freeze for when you’re plumb out of time. PS The variations for banana sushi are limited only by your imagination. Let us know what you come up with! Get the recipe: RachLMansfield.com

Channel Orange SmoothieChannel orange recipe

We know we said we weren’t going to include a smoothie in this round-up, but we couldn’t resist including this one-of-a-kind recipe. Yes, the ingredient list seems a little off-side, but trust us, it’s delicious. And, with just three key ingredients, you’re looking at a no-muss, no-fuss situation. Consider putting together a smoothie pack in the freezer for some of your fave combos, like this one. Portion, pack, freeze and then when you’re ready, toss in the blender. Ready, set…GO! Get the recipe: BuzzFeed.com

Berry Smoothie BowlBerry smoothie bowl recipe

Ready to enjoy berries whether they’re in season or not? A smoothie bowl is made with nutrient packed ingredients and delicious berries is just the way to do it. Imagine ice cream, only healthy. That’s what you’ll get when you make this juicy bowl up in minutes with fresh berries that you’ve got on hand or frozen berries you’ve got stored in the freezer. Top with more berries and some nuts for crunch. Who doesn’t love a breakfast that tastes like dessert? Get the recipe: MamaLikestoCook.com.

Morning Glory JuiceMorning glory juice recipe

Rise and shine! It’s time to say good morning. Fight flu season naturally with this tangy fresh drink featuring vitamin-C rich fresh orange, apple and lemon juices with just the right amount of anti-inflammatory turmeric. Talk about a nutrition powerhouse. Take note: you will need a good juicer to get sipping. Get the recipe at TheOrganicKitchen.com.

Egg-static morning starters

Easy Avocado ToastEasy avocado toast recipe

There’s a reason avocado toast is trendy. Protein + whole grains + healthy fats = a super healthy way to start your day. FYI – avocados are a source of 20 vitamins and minerals, fiber and the aforementioned healthy fats  This recipe is so easy you can prep and make an Instagram-worthy breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack in less than 10 minutes, making it just the right choice for busy weekday mornings. Get the recipe: SimpleGreenMoms.com

Baked eggs with herbs and baconBaked eggs with herbs & bacon recipe

Love omelettes, but don’t have time in the morning to make one up? Think about baking your eggs instead. We love this recipe because it needs no babysitting– it mixes up in one pan and cooks in the oven for 10-15 minutes while you go do something else. No time to waste on busy mornings! Whip up individual portions or use a larger pan for family size. This one is so easy to make your own when you swap, replace or add ingredients to suit your taste buds. PS Bacon makes everything better! Get the recipe: ReuseGrowEnjoy.com.

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Healthy breakfast sandwich recipe

Ditch the drive-thru and create your own healthy breakfast sandwich at home. Forget about processed meats and cheese and white flour. Instead, create your own fave combo with whole grains, eggs, veggies, chicken or turkey sausage and real cheese. Your family will thank you for this tasty grab-and-go meal. Get the recipe: ifoodreal.com

Bacon asparagus tartsBacon asparagus tart recipe

Even if you’re not a fan of asparagus, you’re sure to fall in love with these pretty-to-look at, yummy to eat tarts. Not surprisingly, bacon and asparagus are the perfect brekkie combo–well, yeah, bacon is perfect with just about anything. The salty smokiness of the bacon plays so nicely with the fresh taste of the asparagus. Speed things up with pre-made tart shells and make some up and freeze for a taste of spring all year long. Get the recipe at ThriftyJinxy.com.

eggs baked in avocadoEggs baked in avocado recipe

Got 20 minutes? Then you’re all set for super-speedy, super-healthy low carb breakfast that will give you the energy you need to get through your busy day. We’re looking at just two main ingredients: heart-healthy avocado and budget-friendly, high-protein eggs. Talk about the perfect combo. What makes it special? You’re going to bake your eggs right inside the avo. Who knew this was even possible! Get the recipe: DamnDelicious.net

Go with the grains

Crunchy pancakesCrunchy pancakes recipe

Is your hankering for pancakes interfering with your commitment to eating healthier? This version from cooking goddess, The Pioneer Woman, will hook you up without sabotaging your diet. Start with whole grain pancake mix and stir in chia, flax, sunflower seeds and granola to add crunch, extra fiber, protein and texture. Top with Greek yogurt, berries and mint. Mmmmm… Get the recipe: TheFoodNetwork.com

banana zucchini muffin cupsBanana zucchini muffin cups recipe

Yeah, we know you’re going to say, “muffins aren’t healthy – might as well eat a donut, right?” Not this time. These delightful bites are well-balanced, packed with whole grains, shredded zucchini and protein-rich nut butter. They’re also vegan and gluten-free, which will please lots of tough customers. Completely customizable, you can swap out what you don’t want, and add in what you do want. Prefer almond butter? Go for it! Going low-sugar? Forget the maple syrup. Crave more fruit? Add some diced apple or pears. Sweet tooth? Add a handful of chocolate chips Go ahead! Make them your own. We dare you. Get the recipe: Hummusapien.com

Healthy GranolaBest ever granola recipe

Ok so this one isn’t technically breakfast, but rather a ‘topper’– or snack. But it’s a versatile way to up your breakfast game, offering 5 ways for 5 different taste sensations, so we felt pressed to share it with you. Start with rolled oats, coconut oil, natural sweeteners and seeds, then flavor it as you like. How you use it is up to you. Top your oatmeal, yogurt parfait, eggs or fruit cup with the granola of your choice. Or just grab it by the handful. However you crunch, it’s sure to be yum! Get the recipe: GoodHousekeeping.com

overnight oats 4 waysOvernight oats four ways recipe

Overnight oats are the best and easiest healthy breakfast–hands down, especially if you’re eating gluten-free. Prep the night before and place the mixture in the fridge before you go to bed. Next morning, wake up to a bright and flavorful breakfast. Problem is, it’s easy to get into a rut, combining the same ingredients every time. This recipe offers up 4 different ways to jazz up your overnight oats, taking a standby and making it oh so interesting. It’s fun to keep things exciting, isn’t it? Get the recipe: LoveandLemons.com.

Egg wafflesOmelette egg waffles recipe

Love omelettes, but don’t feel like flipping? Love waffles but looking to cut carbs or have something a little more savory? Skip the flour and make omelets in your waffle maker! Newsflash: waffle makers are good for more than just waffles. Your single-minded small appliance becomes a multi-tasking wizard once eggs come into the picture. This is a fun and easy breakfast recipe that’s ready in less than 10 minutes. Pack it with veggies and make it your own. Get the recipe: GrowingUpGabel.com

oatmeal raisin muffinsOatmeal raisin muffin recipe

We think muffins are the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast. Whether freshly baked, defrosted from the freezer or (somehow) a few days old, they’re heaven, Especially when they remind us of our grandma’s oatmeal raisin cookies. Easy to make and then eat or freeze for a rushed morning, you won’t go wrong when you whip these up. Get the recipe: GlueSticksandGumdrops.com.

Blueberry pancake bitesBlueberry pancake bites recipe

Are they muffins? Are they pancakes? Are they donut holes? Maybe they’re a bit of each. What we do know is that they’re completely yummy. Whip up a batch of blueberry pancake mix, then bake them off to warm, blueberry goodness. Thumbs up for these bite sized pancake bites, a warm and tasty breakfast that you can batch cook and just warm for an easy early morning breakfast on busy school days. Get the recipe: CincyShopper.com.

apple muesliApple muesli recipe

Have you tried muesli before? If you have, you know. And if you haven’t, give this cousin to granola a try. Unlike granola, muesli isn’t baked in the oven, but rather the ingredients chopped and combined, then eaten. It’s a lot quicker to whip up, so you can make it on the fly. Eat it on it’s own, or top it with yogurt or milk for a quick, healthful and satisfying breakfast. This version is gluten, dairy and grain-free. Get the recipe: DeliciousObsessions.com

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