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Bedrooms are the most used spaces in our homes. Some estimates say that about one-third of our time is spent there. Between sleeping, napping and just relaxing in bed to read or listen to music, it seems like an accurate assessment. That underscores the importance of making sure your bedroom is everything you want it to be – a place where you can truly unwind, nurture your emotional and physical health, and one that reflects your personality in its design aesthetic.

Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers, have devoted their long and accomplished careers to helping people creating fabulous living spaces, including bedrooms. They have an encyclopedic level of knowledge when it comes to trends, expert tips and solutions to design challenges. We think the Scott brothers are the perfect pair to ask for advice on how to put together memorable bedrooms that tick all the boxes.

Bedroom design inspiration, according to Drew and Jonathan

Their design inspirations and approaches, especially as it relates to bedroom design and functionality, are a mixed bag. As Drew explains: “Every bedroom we design is meant to work with the overall theme of the house, but they also are some of the best places to express someone’s personal style and tastes. The owners see these rooms the most—even the guest bedrooms—so we really try to make the bedrooms reflect their personalities while still being a relaxing, inspiring place.”

HGTV expert advice on bedroomsFor Jonathan, it’s about experimentation and thinking outside of the four walls of the bedroom. “When we have the opportunity, we like to experiment with different wallpapers, color blocking, and combinations that we can’t pull off in a larger, shared space,” he says. “Bedrooms are a great place for artwork, too, especially something that might have meaning for the homeowner that wouldn’t translate or get lost in a bigger room.”

Tackling bedroom design shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. It still needs to feel like it belongs with the rest of the house. “We always want the whole home’s design to work together so it feels cohesive and inviting,” explains Jonathan. “We might carry a texture from one room to another, or run consistent flooring throughout bedrooms if they’re on the same level.”

But as Drew points out, there’s room for individuality and self-expression through design. “We do want bedrooms to feel like their own spaces, though, and that goes double if it’s a kid’s room. For kids’ rooms, we make sure the room is something the parents will like and that the kids won’t immediately age out of. It definitely needs to speak to who they are and what they enjoy. Kids’ rooms are often their biggest expression of themselves and who they’re becoming, which is so important to their growth and maturity.”

The struggle to balance functionality and design – it’s real!

A gorgeous bedroom that doesn’t fit how the space is used won’t cut it. A purely pragmatic approach to a bedroom design might result in a space that lacks a personal feel and a welcoming feel. How to find that happy balance? The Scott brothers have some thoughts.

Bedroom window treatment advice from HGTV“We’re always going to keep functionality top of mind when designing a bedroom,” says Drew. “Is there enough storage? Enough room around the bed and other furniture? Remember: Most of the time people spend in their bedroom, all the lights are off! We want to create a design that you could literally enjoy with your eyes closed.”

Jonathan is very much on the same page: “Much of that speaks to balancing the room. Bedroom designs are more symmetrical than other rooms in the house: you’ll have two nightstands, for instance, or lighting on both sides of the bed. A balanced and functional design will help a homeowner feel at peace with the room, which contributes to a good night’s sleep.”

Pre-COVID, the siblings spent a lot of time traveling across the country and abroad. Along the way, they found inspiration, spotted new trends and fresh spins on classic design approaches. “We like to gather design ideas from other places,” says Jonathan, “because we can always learn something. But we want to keep those ideas consistent and complementary. So, if we’re going for English maximalism, or Spanish contemporary, we’ll have elements of those design ideas placed in other portions of the home, as well.”

For Drew, his creativity is sparked by what he experiences in some of the hotels he has stayed worldwide. “There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling like you’re sleeping every night in a boutique hotel room. That helps me design not only the main bedroom, but the main bathroom as well – thinking about the transitions between the rooms and what can make for the most relaxing, calming spaces.”

We understand, smart bedroom design can be a challenge

HGTV bedroom infoThere are just so many choices and getting off-track from a design vision can be easy for many of us. To stay true to your ideas for the bedroom of your dreams, take heed of this advice. Jonathan says, “Do make sure you’re true to yourself when designing a bedroom. You could have a magazine-worthy design, but if it doesn’t feel like somewhere you’d enjoy, then what’s the point? Surround yourself with pieces and items that make you feel loved and safe – and that starts with a comfortable mattress and bedding.”

Drew adds, “And don’t feel like you have to put in every design idea you couldn’t fit elsewhere in the house. You might love a certain color or pattern, but if it’s too bright or active, your brain is going to have a hard time gearing down at night. If a color puts you to sleep, in this case, that’s a good thing.”

Sweet dreams are made from tips like these. Sleep well and let your personality shine in the design – or redesign – of your bedroom.

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