Colchones Scott Living Signature

Para Drew & Jonathan, todo empieza en casa con tu colección de colchones Scott Living Signature, un reflejo de todo lo que aprecias.

Tus hábitos de sueño son únicos y también lo son los nuevos colchones Scott Living Signature. Con un énfasis en el descanso y el rejuvenecimiento, encontrarás la combinación perfecta de confort, soporte y transpirabilidad que te invitará a experimentar tu mejor noche de descanso. ¿No es hora de que eleves tu sueño para poder despertarte recargado y listo para enfrentarte a todo?

¿Estás listo para encontrar tu mejor cama, tu mejor sueño… para estar en tu mejor momento?

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  1. N

    Natalia Torres

    Product: Scott Living Other

    Great confort and great price !

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  2. C

    Catina Thomas


    Product: Scott Living Other

    I have to say after visiting several mattress stores to find the right feel of a mattress I needed. Scott Living silhouette reflection was the mattress for me. As a Realtor a good night’s sleep is a must!!!!! I’m sure the Scott brothers can relate when it comes to dealing with homes. Lol. Love, love, love my mattress!!!!! Thank you.

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  3. S

    Stacy Verified Buyer

    Best rest

    Product: Scott Living Other

    Love this mattress, I’ve never slept so well. I wake up rested.

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  4. P

    Patsy Corns Verified Buyer

    Product: Scott Living Other

    Hating the thought of running from store to store sleeping on mattresses to find the one for my particular body, I was completely convinced by the Property Brothers that they had the mattress for me. The QVC testimonies supported their claims. I ordered the Hybrid Lumbar Support Mattress and it is a super mattress, but my body, age 86, demands more cuddling than this mattress provides. I really wish I had the Eurotop Ultra Plush Top then I could give the mattress 5 stars.

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  5. M

    Maria Conklin Verified Buyer

    Hybrid Lumbar Support mattress.

    Product: Scott Living Other

    So far, so good.
    We’ve been sleeping on our new Scott Living Hybrid Lumbar Support mattress for two weeks and we haven’t had such a good night’s sleep in so long! He says he doesn’t hear me snore anymore; I say I don’t plop around the bed, or off the bed from him tossing and turning anymore.
    I know that when I wake up in the morning I don’t have to slowly get up due to pains and aches in my back or hips. I just get up and moving.
    I hope that this feeling lasts. The great reviews that I’ve read about Restonic helped me make up my mind about purchasing this mattress, so I do have a high hopes.😊

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  6. M

    Michael Mims Verified Buyer

    Product: Scott Living Other

    Nice Mattress and comfortable sleep. Happy that we have purchased something that feels cozy and comfortable.

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  7. L

    Lisa M Verified Buyer

    we LOVE the Hybrid Lumbar Support Mattress

    Product: Scott Living Other

    We ordered a Scott Living King Sized Lumbar Support Hybrid Mattress from QVC. I never thought I would order a mattress without seeing it first. Watched the demonstrations on QVC and they convinced us to give it a try. It was shipped to our house in a box and was so easy to open and it immediately started expanding. It said you can sleep on it within 2 hours, which we did sleep on it that first night (6 hours after opening the box) and at first I was worried. It was very hard!!!
    Let me tell you…. by the 2nd night it was wonderful!!! We have now had this mattress a couple of weeks and we LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE the hybrid mattress with the lumbar support!!!! We are very happy and SO GLAD we took the chance and ordered it! I highly recommend!

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  8. R

    Rodolfo Aguirre Verified Buyer

    Product: Scott Living Other

    This mattress is perfect for me ,I am sleeping and resting perfect.
    I recommend it .

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