Mason Jar Breakfast RecipesMake your mornings a little less hectic and a LOT more delish!

The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why not make yours simple and easy? After all, who doesn’t want a few extra minutes to lay in bed before the whirlwind of a day begins? To help you get as much sleep as possible – and prepare for a delicious, nutritious breakfast – we’ve found some easy mason jar breakfast recipes to help get your day started with healthy already checked off your to-do list. Sweet, right?

The basics of breakfast in a mason jar

The best thing about breakfast in a mason jar is how simple ingredients can be both healthy and, well, easy to make. If you’re a Sunday planner, you can prepare breakfast for the entire week, saving you both time and money – using these four ingredients.

  • Use regular dairy or give almond milk a try. Almond milk has all the benefits of cow’s milk without the use of animal byproducts. Even Starbucks is moving away from dairy and hopes to be dairy-free by 2030. According to a 2018 University of Oxford study, a glass of milk resulted in three times more greenhouse gas emissions and nine times more land consumption than any plant-based milk.
  • Yogurt. Greek yogurt not only helps with digestion but is full of protein and a great ingredient to start off your morning. Whether it’s plain or flavored, Greek yogurt will help keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime.
  • Oats.You have some options here, instant oatmeal to speed the process up or some steel-cut oats. Either way, your body will benefit from this super healthy ingredient. Oatmeal is filled with fiber, helping with digestion and the regulation of cholesterol.
  • Fruit.Fruit will bring your morning mason jar to the next level. Rich in vitamins, fiber and natural sugars, fruit will add the boost your mason jar breakfast needs to really shine. Blueberries, for example, provide your body with antioxidants and Vitamin C to help prevent illness.

The recipes below are simple and easy for you to grab and go. You’ll find the basic ingredients listed above (and more) but also a spin on the traditional eggs and bacon breakfast. It’s time to take the lid off and give these recipes a try.

  • Banana bread in a jar. Mini bread servings that will satisfy even the grumpiest breakfaster in your home. Get the recipe:
  • Cherry chia overnight oats. Upgrade your overnight oats with savory spices and chia jam. Since chia seeds expand in your stomach and oats are full of fiber, expect to be well-satisfied until lunch. Get the recipe:
  • Cranberry orange scones in a jar. Home-baked goodness with a zing of tartness, sure to make everyone smile on their way out the door. Get the recipe:
  • Mason Jar Breakfast RecipesChocolate coconut overnight oats. Feed your chocolate addiction with the healthy addition of coconuts and almonds in this delish breakfast/dessert recipe. Get the recipe:
  • Sausage, spinach & pepper omelet in a jar. Low carb, high protein goodness to keep you satisfied and full until lunchtime. Get the recipe:
  • Blueberry French toast in a jar. Love French toast? Us too. And it’s never been easier thanks to this simple recipe that’s just as delicious for busy weekdays as it is lazy weekends. Get the recipe:
  • Mason jar breakfast casserole. With shredded sweet potatoes instead of hash browns, this recipe will have everyone calling for more – without the guilt! Get the recipe.
  • Overnight no-cook oatmeal in a jar. With flavors like mango-almond, blueberry-maple, apple-cinnamon, banana-cocoa, banana-peanut, and raspberry-vanilla, you’ll be enjoying healthy oatmeal every day – without the boredom. Get the recipe:
  • Mason jar frittata. Fancy a frittata for breakfast but don’t have the time? Make this one the night before and reheat – brilliant! Get the recipe:
  • Blueberry and grilled peach quinoa parfait. Layered with quinoa, creamy yogurt, crunchy pecans and soft blueberries – and drizzled with maple syrup – this is yummy enough for dessert too. Get the recipe:
  • Crustless quiche in a jar. Whether you like rosemary and tomatoes, broccoli and cheddar, or peas and leeks in your quiche, you’ll enjoy a sophisticated, savory breakfast (or lunch) on the go. Get the recipe:
  • Cereal yogurt parfaits. More fun than healthy but a little cheat here and there never hurt anyone, right? Get the recipe:
  • Salted turtle overnight oats. This breakfast treat keeps it healthy with dates as a solid replacement for caramel. The cocoa powder, unsweetened almond milk, oats, and of course the pecans make it super delish. Get the recipe:

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