2022 Sleep HoroscopeLook to the heavens and see what the new year will hold for your zodiac sign – and how it will impact your sleep routines and health

We weren’t sorry to say goodbye to 2021 and it would be an understatement to say we’re looking to 2022 with hope and optimism. Wondering what direction your horoscope says you should head to make the most of the new year? Wondering how your choices will affect your sleep habits (because we are the better sleep company, after all) and overall health?

Let the stars point the making the new year as healthy and happy as possible.

Aries 2022 Sleep HoroscopeAries

This year is looking rosy, despite recent setbacks that had you wondering whether your nose-to-the-grindstone approach was working. It is, especially on the money front. That means it’s a good time to upgrade your bedroom. Replace sheets that have seen better days with luxurious ones featuring high thread counts. Go the extra mile and splurge on sumptuous pillows, a fresh mattress topper and a new mattress suited to your preferred sleep position. While you’re at, update your window coverings too to make sure your room is dark enough to encourage deep sleep.

Taurus 2022 Sleep HoroscopeTaurus

Your career path might have been bumpy lately, but rest assured, you’ll be experiencing more smooth sailing ahead. Your desire to maintain high professional standards might be a bit wearing, so be proactive to manage stress – one of the factors that made you toss and turn at night in 2021. Your bedtime routine needs to be elevated, so consider embracing a meditation habit to slow down your brain. And do put away your phone at night. It’s too tempting for you to check your email and social media when you should be sleeping. Leave it in another room or tuck it away in a drawer.

Gemini 2022 Sleep HoroscopeGemini

You’ve always been curious at heart, which has fed your lust for knowledge. As this year ramps up and you’ll embark on new paths related to education, whether that’s taking up a new hobby or picking up self-help books to be a better, healthier you. Consider picking up a book on sleep. Your restless, never-content nature sometimes stands between you a good night’s sleep. Start winding down at least an hour before getting into bed. Consider a cup of herbal tea and curling up with one of those new books in a comfy chair. Turn off the TV and put the events of the day behind you.

Cancer 2022 Sleep Horoscope Cancer

Relationship dramas among family, friends and a significant other may be leaving you feeling like you’re running on empty as 2022 begins to unfold. Time to fill up your tank and get pep in your step again. It will mean going back to basics on a number of fronts including healthy routines. Shake up your evening snack habit by swapping out those comforting sugary treats for sleep-promoting foods, like bananas, a handful of almonds or walnuts, or a bit of plain yogurt. You’ll also need to make sleep a priority. Stick to the same bedtime and wake-up time to help put you on solid footing to start your day.

Leo 2022 Sleep Horoscope Leo

For Leos, 2022 is the year for improving connections. Your charisma knows no bounds and you’ll find some new faces coming into your world. If you’re single, this could mean a new love interest. The bad news is that your bedroom isn’t quite ready for overnight stays yet because you’ve put home improvement on the back burner over the last few years. Both marrieds and singles should give their sleep spaces a more modern look with an updated bed, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and some colorful accessories. Don’t be afraid to be bold and creative in your choices. At your core, that’s who you really are, so let those qualities shine.

Virgo 2022 Sleep Horoscope Virgo

You pretty much ran yourself ragged last year with your quest for perfection in 2021, living the dream that that you’re never satisfied with ‘good enough.’ Make this the year when you embrace the status quo. It will benefit your sleep quality. A lot. Practical-minded Virgo should also open up their wallets a bit and treat themselves. Your thriftiness is admirable, but you’re missing out on things that provide pleasure and comfort. Buy yourself some designer pajamas, a silk kimono and cozy slippers and wear them ‘just cuz.’ Don’t wait for a special occasion to indulge and celebrate. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work now.

Libra 2022 Sleep Horoscope Libra

Feeling exhausted? You put your heart and soul into everything you do and you’re the first one to offer help to loved ones. That’s commendable, but you’ve short-changed yourself. Let 2022 be the year you embrace self-care. You know you haven’t been getting enough sleep for a while now and you can no longer hide your tiredness. Perhaps it’s time to get some help in that area by talking to your healthcare provider or seeking guidance from a sleep specialist. You have ambitious plans this year and you’ll need to have the energy to execute them at a high level. It begins with getting a high quality of sleep. Buying a sleep tracking device may help you to get it.

Scorpio 2022 Sleep Horoscope Scorpio

You make no apologies for burning the candle at both ends. Rules were made to be broken and challenged, right? That’s easier to do in your younger years, but aging has a way of humbling your wild side and your health can suffer. Irregular sleep habits are a norm for you, but they aren’t serving you well. Over-sleeping and long naps aren’t the best ways to compensate for overdoing it. Though you’ll hate it at first, set an alarm to keep naps brief (no longer than 20 minutes) and to get you out of bed in the morning a bit earlier. In a short time, you’ll find you have more energy to do the things you love, like socializing and exploring new places, to keep boredom at bay.

Sagittarius Scorpio 2022 Sleep Horoscope Sagittarius

You may feel like you’ve been hibernating over the last couple of years. That will end in 2022 as you spread your wings and emerge from your cocoon. You’ll seek to bring others into your realm with renewed energy. You are a social creature after all. Prepare for potential guests by prepping a guest room and turning it into a welcoming space. That may mean some reorganizing and paring down throughout your home, but you’ll be glad you did it. Clutter weighs you down and you need room to soar. Take a close look at your nightstands and go for a minimal look with much less stuff hanging around.

Capricorn Sagittarius 2022 Sleep Horoscope Capricorn

Workaholic ways have put your work-life balance out of whack. You spend a lot of time proving you’re worthy of the rewards that come your way, but rarely take the time to be in the moment. It’s no wonder that you’re feeling like you’re sleepwalking through the day because you’re focused on what’s next. The irony is that doing nothing and learning to just chill will make you even more productive. Give yourself permission to unplug in the evening, stay off social media and switch your phone to silent. There’s nothing wrong with taking a warm bath or shower before bed and indulging in some self-pampering with a moisturizing face mask or applying a luxurious body lotion. Sweet dreams are made of these, dear Capricorn.

Aquarius 2022 Sleep Horoscope Aquarius

Though you tend to daydream and think about what the future might hold, you haven’t taken the time to take a closer look at your dreams. They could hold the answers you’re so desperately seeking. Perhaps it’s time for you to keep a dream journal and record your thoughts and feelings as soon as you wake up. Is there a common theme? This could help you remove the hurdles you’ve been facing lately and move forward in a bold new direction. To help you get more REM sleep, it may be a good time to use a white-noise app or machine to get more peace.


Pisces 2022 Sleep Horoscope Pisces

Lucky Pisces, the stars are aligning for you le never before. This fortuitous time brings opportunities and new beginnings – perhaps a career change, a new home and a shift in relationship status – that will bring you more happiness. If you’re thinking about a move, treat it like a fresh start and decorate your new digs the way you’ve always wanted. Create the bed of your dreams with an ultra-luxe mattress, a chic headboard, and a boldly patterned duvet that all reflect your new sense of freedom and optimism. Break out of old habits and shake up your breakfast choices. Think about maximizing your nutrition with health-boosting choices. You’ll need to be at your best for an epic 2022 ahead.

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