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    Foadlabandtud Verified Buyer

    Different but good!

    At first I wasn’t really sure why this pillow was part memory foam and part fiber but after using it I get it! A lot of time with pure memory foam it sink too much and I feel like I’m suffocating if I’m not on the edge of the pillow. But with this memory foam top I get the comfort but the fiber pillow adds enough support that I don’t completely sink into it! Makes so much sense!

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    Icebergz Verified Buyer

    Great cushioning but could be better

    I got this pillow as I was in the market for an addition memory foam pillow to use while sleeping. While this pillow has been perfect for me to use while laying on my couch, It hasn’t been the most comfortable while sleeping in bed.

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    mwolfe24 Verified Buyer

    Very comfortable!

    One side of this pillow is firm memory foam and the other side is a soft polyester fill so you can choose the feel and firmness you prefer. I felt the soft side had too much give to me so I prefer the firmer side. It’s a unique and cool idea to have two different sides. I also noticed that my head didn’t get too hot using this pillow.

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    Theresa Verified Buyer

    Too thin for me

    I absolutely hated this pillow. I woke up with a horrible pain in my neck after the first night using it. I will never use this pillow again – it is NOT for me.

    That being said – I’m giving it three stars because my husband really likes it. He has been using it nightly since the day after I used it and he thinks is it’s great. It’s hard to review things like pillows as they vary so widely based on your preferences.

    I didn’t like how soft and thin this was, but those exact reasons are why my husband likes it.

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    jean Verified Buyer

    Cool Comfort

    The Restonic Adjustable pillow is different than other pillows. It is a sheet of foam with a pillow on top inside of a zippered pillow case. The pillow and foam is firm enough for back support but I found it to be uncomfortable to sleep on by itself.

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    Dapperjohn Verified Buyer


    I really love a good firm pillow. And this one is great. Very comfortable and well made. So far it’s kept it’s shape and firmness. Cool to the touch and great support. I can’t say enough good things about it.

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    Danny Verified Buyer

    Ok comfort, a little tall for my neck

    This pillow has 2 pieces, the standard pilllow fill and the memory foam. The memory foam feels and is an insert. What’s nice here is you can take it out to use elsewhere as a stand alone. The standard pillow is honestly not comfortable so it doesn’t get much use. In concept, “adjustable” sounds nice, but the value here really is just a memory foam insert that can be used elsewhere

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    MaryDesigner Verified Buyer

    Good support.

    I prefer a firmer pillow. This pillow so far has proven to be the right support. The two pieces are different than any pillow I have seen, but seems to work well. The workmanship and fabric appear to be high quality.

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    Charles Saucier Verified Buyer

    Excellent mattress!

    Excellent mattress plus I love the size.

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    marzyy3 Verified Buyer

    Very nice

    This pillow is so soft and comfortable to sleep on. I keep alot of head aches and I’m hoping this pillow will help me with this. I like how it’s made and how soft it feels. I also like that I can take it out of the pillow case and wash the pillow case when needed.

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