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    Vaughn Adair Verified Buyer

    Product: Biltmore Other

    I bought a Queen Biltmore Restonic Mattress and have been very pleased with its durability. The comfort is exactly what I hoped for. I would highly recommend the Biltmore Restonic Mattress!

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    Michelle S Verified Buyer

    Highly Recommend

    Product: ComfortCare® Firm Mattress

    LOVE! The firmness is just right but not too rigid. We don’t do well with plushy mattresses so this was the perfect firmness. I would definitely purchase again. Great price and even better quality. Highly recommend.

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    Mary Mcintire

    Awsome bed

    Product: Scott Living Signature Ultra Euro Top Mattress

    I have pressure point and lower back pain. My husband said he wouldn’t sleep on a coil bed cause he could always feel the springs and then we found a scott living bed. He loves it and I finally have no pain when I wake up. We got a eurotop ultra plush and it’s like that great hotel bed that you never want to leave cause it’s better then what you have at home. Seriously folks try this bed you will not be dissapointed. It has only one flaw and that’s you dont wanna get out of it.

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    Mary Mcintire

    Heavenly bed

    Product: Scott Living Signature Ultra Euro Top Mattress

    After going through 3-4matresses and hateing them all I finally came across the ultra plush eurotop. All I can say is wow. Feel supported but hips and shoulders dont hurt. I cant speak as to longevity but I can tell you its darn comphterable. My husband wouldn’t sleep on a spring bed but he has no problem with this one. We both love it.

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    DJ Verified Buyer

    Been good to me for 9 years

    Product: Biltmore Level 1 Mattress

    Invigorate TempaGel King Set. I have loved this mattress which was purchased in 2012. Going on 10 years it is starting to lose support in some areas and has dips where we lay. I do rotate the mattress as instructions indicate. Overall very pleased with the longevity of the mattress and would recommend Restonic to anyone.

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    Rodolfo Aguirre Verified Buyer

    Product: Scott Living Other

    This mattress is perfect for me ,I am sleeping and resting perfect.
    I recommend it .

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  7. Brenda Lee Smith Verified Buyer

    Happy O'ma

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I have been sleeping in bliss for the past two weeks. I am EXTREMELY pleased with my purchase and would recommend Restonic to anyone who asked (or didn’t lol). I had the best customer support also (Thanks Chris) when I was trying to track delivery. The box actually arrived shortly after my inquest and the setup was easy peasy. As a senior, I did need my son’s help unpacking, but once it was out of the box and on the frame it was instant bed. I bought the hybrid and it’s so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. For someone who has arthritic joints, this is making my life so much better! I’m usually not 100% satisfied with most purchases but this one is the exception.

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    Mary H.

    It doesn’t sag!! WooHoo!

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I always thought that I needed to sleep on a “harder than rock” mattress for back issues and found that my sleep was consistently interrupted trying to find the right spot and waking up with neck, shoulder and hip discomfort AND MORE BACK PAIN!!
    After returning or discarding (per Covid) multiple name brand mattresses and being referred to by my sons as the “Princess and the Pea” I researched and purchased this mattress.
    It is truly my comfort place at the end of the day!
    I am happily ordering a second mattress
    You just have to have the right mattress and this is it!!
    Sweet dreams…..

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    Foadlabandtud Verified Buyer

    Different but good!

    Product: Adjustable ComfortCare® Medium Support Pillow (Set of 2)

    At first I wasn’t really sure why this pillow was part memory foam and part fiber but after using it I get it! A lot of time with pure memory foam it sink too much and I feel like I’m suffocating if I’m not on the edge of the pillow. But with this memory foam top I get the comfort but the fiber pillow adds enough support that I don’t completely sink into it! Makes so much sense!

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    Icebergz Verified Buyer

    Great cushioning but could be better

    Product: Adjustable ComfortCare® Medium Support Pillow (Set of 2)

    I got this pillow as I was in the market for an addition memory foam pillow to use while sleeping. While this pillow has been perfect for me to use while laying on my couch, It hasn’t been the most comfortable while sleeping in bed.

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