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    Maureen D. Verified Buyer

    Firm Hybrid Mattress That is Good, Not Great

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I have been wanting to get a new mattress for a couple of years, so when this offer came about, I was more than happy to give this Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress a try. I was so looking forward to trying this and hoping it would improve my sleep, but have to say that I haven’t noticed much difference. I do experience some right hip and leg pain while sleeping and it has decreased a little, but not enough for me to celebrate the positives of the mattress. It is more firm than I was expecting and I tend to like a softer, more plush type of mattress.

    Unfortunately, the box that it was shipped in was a plain, brown cardboard box, so there was no information on the packaging. This mattress was very easy to set up and I do like the vacuum packaging that lets it expand once you cut open the plastic covering. I was thankful there was no weird odor that sometimes comes with foam bedding products. I found that my sheets easily fit around the corners and that has been something that I’ve been struggling with when I had our last mattress.

    We’ve been sleeping on this for over a week now and it’s a good mattress, but not great. It is a perfect mattress for people that are looking for a firm mattress, and not so great if you’re looking for a plush, dreamy type mattress that you find in 5 star hotels.

    I will be looking to purchase a plush mattress bed topper so that I can try to achieve my idea of a perfect nights sleep.

    I’m glad I was able to purchase this product at a special price and I know I can add to the mattress so I will be able to use this mattress for years to come as a base and add a nice topper so that it fits both me and my husbands sleep needs.

    If you’re looking for a firm mattress, then this one is for you. Look elsewhere if that’s not what you want.

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  2. Rosie22 Verified Buyer

    Excellent Performance!

    Product: Body Pillow

    The Restonic Fresh and Clean Silpure Antimicrobial Fiber Filled Body Pillow with CoolMAX 300 Thread Count Moisture Wicking Fabric Cover is extremely comfortable and a must have. Coming home from work, I usually take a small nap but this amazing bodypillow allows for a faster more comfy sleep area. Once I started using it, the pillow has alleviated any body discomfort that I accumulate at work from prolonged hours of standing, sitting and walking. I sleep on my side and comfortably use the bodypillow to relax my body and joints. The comfy cool cover adds additional comfort and correct position of target areas of my body that need relaxation.

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    Robbie Verified Buyer

    Body pillow

    Product: Body Pillow

    Cool maxRestronic fresh and clean silpure Antimicrobial fiber filled body pillow with CoolMax 300 thread count wicked fabric this is a body pillow that I will enjoy because it’s really firm and soft it’s made with very good material really quality materialOverall it’s a nice body pillow and I do recommend if you want a body pillow the cool max 300 thread count body pillow is the way to go

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    Strickland Verified Buyer

    Soft-Tex Body Pillow

    Product: Body Pillow

    I’ve had this Soft-Tex body pillow about a week. I would have to say this is definitely my new favorite. This body pillow is so comfortable and feels cooling. This is definitely a great option for side sleepers like myself. I do wish it had a little more Fiber in it so it don’t flatten so easily. I’m very happy with this pillow.

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    Vernae H. Verified Buyer

    My Best Sleep in Years!

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I received my mattress in less than a week, when smaller packages take almost a month due to COVID-19. I got a kick out of the size of the bundle. I thought they accidentally sent me the wrong size, but it was right. When I unrolled it, my mattress hissed for five minutes and looked queen sized in eight minutes. They say it takes a full day to reach its optimal size and texture. So I slept on the sofa. (My other mattress was also very old.) But when I finally slept on it, I was so relieved to find this level of comfort. I had slept on two other similar brands and didn’t like either. My first night with the Scotts wasn’t even a full night’s sleep and I felt amazing. My back problems are improving and my coworkers say I’m less of a witch. Yes, I recommend it to anyone who prefers a firm mattress that doesn’t let you overheat. Sleep well.

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    Waka Verified Buyer

    Super comfy and cool

    Product: Body Pillow

    This pillow is perfect for me since I’m a side sleeper. I can hug onto this thing and it helps align my back while I sleep as well as keep my hands and legs apart from each other especially in these hot summer months when its super humid. Bonus feature that the pillow stays cold!

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    Michelle H. Verified Buyer

    Very impressed

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. The Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress was beyond needed for my husband and I. I am excited to be replacing our 15 year old mattress with this one! It was very easy for my husband and I to take out of the box and set up. It says after 1 hour it will be ready for use and it was, but we gave it a full 24 hours just to let it fully adjust. Waking up from our first night of sleeping on this mattress, we couldn’t believe how good we felt. No back or shoulder pain for the first time in a very long time for the both of us! The mattress is firm which my husband loves I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit softer, but it is still very comfortable. The information card does say that it will feel firm in the beginning, but you will adjust to the feel of a properly supported mattress. That will explain why we haven’t woke up in any pain because we’re being supported properly. I love that if either of us move around the other doesn’t get disturbed. We love our new mattress and highly recommend it. I just wished we would have purchased it sooner!

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    Ryan A. Verified Buyer

    Great product and workmanship

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. First time buyer of a shippable mattress, I cannot stress how happy I am to have purchased this product. The box arrived earlier than expected in a sturdy and intact box. Unpackaging the mattress was a breeze! The mattress unrolled and was flat within about 2 hours, I began using it the same night. The quality and workmanship that has gone into making this product is apparent and very well made. This is my first foam mattress and I will say I was hesitant that I would sink into the mattress and the shape would stay, but this has not been the case. I also am not overly hot at night, as I have seen with many other foam mattresses.Great product!

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    Ginger20 Verified Buyer

    Sleeping on a cloud

    Product: Body Pillow

    It’s like sleeping on a cloud!!! SO SOFT AND FLUFFY ! Provide me great support for my shoulder and hips why laying on my side. The pillow also stays pretty cool, despite my partner and dog being wedged in bed with me. Perfect length for a body pillow, and no bulky or anything!! Overall a great body pillow!!

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    Sherri K. Verified Buyer

    Cool, rejuvenating, & sound night's sleep

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I purchased a Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress. It has an innerspring system and a memory foam layer, in addition to 5 support zones. It is a nice thick sturdy mattress, but still designed to keep you cool at night. Since I started sleeping on this mattress, I have noticed that I do not wake up as many times during the night. I sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed. I also feel that this mattress is very supportive on my back, as I have less back pain during the day. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone that is on their feet all day and/or anyone who tosses & turns all night. It definitely provides a cool, rejuvenating, sound night’s sleep.

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