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    Naida Verified Buyer

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    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    After spending over 15 years sleeping in a recliner due to back issues I can't begin to tell you how much I love this bed. I go to bed every night and feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. I tell everyone about my new bed and even make those who visit lay on the bed to try it out. No more recliners for me. I'll sleep on my new bed and feel like I'm on a big puffy cloud from now on.

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    Ricky Verified Buyer

    We just picked up our

    We just picked up our new mattress today, give me a couple of weeks and I will let you know.

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    Sylvia S. Verified Buyer


    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    The most comfortable sleep system I have ever slept on.

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    Chelsea Verified Buyer

    The mattress is pretty comfortable.

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    The mattress is pretty comfortable. I love having a bigger bed.

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    John J. Verified Buyer

    objective comments

    We had just bought two full size beds from restonic, they were way too firm, even for guest beds. Both guests that have slept on them said they were too hard. My wife and I went up and slept on them. She couldn’t sleep on them. I was ok, a bit too firm, but ok.

    When we looked for this bed, the showroom model was a queen. It was relatively firm in a good way. We felt buying the top model would be a good thing so we ordered the king for $3000. I thought that the mattress companies had solved the edge collapse problem with a wedge of denser foam, this one drops 5-6” when I sit on the edge. I weigh only 165#. I laid a yardstick across the flat of the bed and laid down with the end pointing at my back. My 165# body sinks the same 5-6”. Is this what it is supposed to do??? What happens to a 250# person? The real bottom line is that my wife [125#] loves it. Me: I don’t see that much difference from the less than $1000 mattress we now have in the guest room.

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    Linda Verified Buyer

    so far so good

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    so far so good

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    Jerry P. Verified Buyer

    Bed set

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Haven't had the set long enough for a proper review.

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    SAM W. Verified Buyer

    To hard

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    What I tried in the store and what I received were not the same. The one I received is way to firm for me. Be very sure that what you try out is what you get.

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    John Verified Buyer

    Love it!

    The bed is great!!! Took a little while to get used to, but it's like sleeping on a cloud now!!! When we bought the bed there was a promotion to receive a tablet. I haven't got any kind of confirmation on that yet? Can anyone give me any insight to that? Thanks

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    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    After much research of many mattresses we ordered a Restonic Empress PLUSH King mattress and low profile foundation a week ago. We were excited to find a mattress we both liked. After lying on the floor model we dreamed of our new mattress and counted down days until ours would arrive. We loved the PLUSHNESS yet not too plush. It was perfect! We received our new mattress yesterday. I put the king mattress protector & new freshly washed sheets on the bed anxious for bedtime only hours away. We laid down for bed and were surprised how FIRM it felt. A lil' disappointed. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling more disappointed and thinking of the mattress that sold us on ordering this mattress we were laying on and the $$ spent only to be disappointed. I appreciate handmade and each will be different but there really isn't much PLUSH to our EMPRESS PLUSH king size mattress. We were sleeping on a super firm mattress so I this was a little better but I had higher expectations after trying out floor model at dealer. 🙁

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