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    Kathy G.


    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    We sleep well on our king mattress. There is a bit of a bump in the center memory foam. If one of us lays there it dissipates in a few

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    Best Mattres Ever!

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Use of the firmest version of the "Restonic" mattress has resulted in the immediate improvement of both the quality and length of sleep. There is no doubt that this is the best mattress we have ever owned.

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  3. F


    I haven't slept this well

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I haven't slept this well in years. Love my new mattress.

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    Not as firm as expected

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I bought this mattress after specifically telling the representative that I needed a extra firm one. We are using this mattress now for little more than a year and we could feel the mattress is already losing its firmness. We weigh not more than 130pounds each. So I do not expect our weight to be factor for the mattress to lose its firmness. The whole point of getting this mattress was to have a solid firm one since my husband has back problems.

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    Joni M.

    No more achy bones

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Sleeping like a baby

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    Angela Y.

    one side is not popping up

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    i am going to ask for a switch because one side of the mattress is sinking. It's not popping up.we asked to switch the sides every few weeks but didn't work good

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    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    great mattress

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    Pretty good

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    This mattress is pretty good .the reason I say that is I paid almost 300 for it and it's bulging on the sides . I am 245 pounds and for that reason I turn my mattress every other week . Just recently I have started having to turn and flip it every week . If I flip it , the cushion is not on the reverse side.

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    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    It's ok

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    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    The mattress has body indentations. My back hurts most days and the mattress is noisey.

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