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    I would recommend this mattress to anyone. I look forward to laying on it. It has made a great difference in my back. I don't wake up with a aching back every morning.

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    we absolutely love it!!!!

    we absolutely love it!!!!

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    I so look forward to heading to bed at night! We've had our bed for a little over a year, and I still feel that way. Matter of fact, I pause and really think now about wanting to travel as much as I used to because I know no bed on the road will be nearly as comfortable! No aches and pains in the morning. It's perfect.

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    Beginning to sag

    Only 5 months old and the new mattress is starting to sag in the middle. Not too bad yet….but only 5 months? My wife sleeps in the middle and is not a large person. Not happy with any sag. I feel like I'm constantly rolling to the middle, very unconfortable. Not liking the way this is going.

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    Another Disappointment

    I am on my second replacement of your mattresses and still find that miraculous middle isn't so special. This mattress is not quite as depressed as my last 2 but might be in a couple of more years years

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    The best purchase I have made in a very long time.

    This mattress keeps it's shape and is very comfortable. Well worth the money!

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    Daniel H.

    Fantastic bed

    We love our restonic bed. I purchased it nearly one year ago and must admit, I like this particular bed (la jolla is the model I believe) better than any other bed I've ever slept in, this bed is perfect.

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    Greg D.


    When I purchased this I was wanted a bed with no foam, or gel and was told this bed did not have this. I have sense read it actually has both. It does get some what warm where I lay in the Summer months but sleeps well in the winter. But even though I followed direction on turning the top to the bottom it does seem to sink in on both sides with the middle higher and still stiff like new. But all and all it is comfortable.

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    Faye D.

    Restonic Disaster

    I have written several long reviews regarding my mattress. I'm stuck with a piece of I uncomfortable, sagging, and a hump. I went back to the store, talk to the corporate office, and my opinion. So I have purchased several mattress padding to help, I have to deal with it.

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