Biltmore Level 3 Mattress

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Inside the Biltmore mattress

Cooling Luxurious Silk Damask

Cooling Luxurious Silk Damask - the silk blend cool-to-the-touch surface of the Biltmore Hybrid Mattress Collection creates an instant cooling effect.

Inspired by unique and luxurious details from Biltmore, our Biltmore Level 3 Mattress is as graceful as it is restful. Designed with conforming, luxurious support, the gel-infused memory foam complements a foam-encased MicroCoil system – all atop a foam-encased innerspring system. The end result is a supportive, hygienic sleep experience, night after night after night. Claim your right to a healthier night’s sleep and livelier mornings with a Biltmore Mattress.

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Biltmore Mattress
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  1. C

    Christine B. Verified Buyer

    Product: Biltmore Level 1 Mattress

    I bought my hybrid mattress from QVC a year ago. Although the mattress itself is comfortable, we are not totally satisfied. I do not get a full night’s rest. It was advertised that you will not feel the other person when they toss and turn or get out of the bed. My husband gets up a few times in the middle of the night and I feel and roll every time he turns to bed and vice versa. It does not do us well at all. Would like to return.

    Was this review helpful? 6 2
  2. L

    Linda Verified Buyer

    Product: Biltmore Other

    Best night sleep! I have looked and finally found an extra firm mattress!

    Was this review helpful? 3 3
  3. T

    Taylor Verified Buyer

    A welcomed relief

    Product: Biltmore Level 1 Mattress

    How is it possible for a mattress to feel so good out of a box?! I had bought a memory foam mattress from Nectar and it just wasn’t doing the job for me so when I saw this mattress on sale in store I jumped on it. This mattress literally make me smile and want to hug it every night!

    Was this review helpful? 3 5
  4. V

    Vaughn Adair Verified Buyer

    Product: Biltmore Other

    I bought a Queen Biltmore Restonic Mattress and have been very pleased with its durability. The comfort is exactly what I hoped for. I would highly recommend the Biltmore Restonic Mattress!

    Was this review helpful? 11 5
  5. D

    DJ Verified Buyer

    Been good to me for 9 years

    Product: Biltmore Level 1 Mattress

    Invigorate TempaGel King Set. I have loved this mattress which was purchased in 2012. Going on 10 years it is starting to lose support in some areas and has dips where we lay. I do rotate the mattress as instructions indicate. Overall very pleased with the longevity of the mattress and would recommend Restonic to anyone.

    Was this review helpful? 3 4
  6. S

    Stephen Verified Buyer

    The most comfortable mattress I've

    Product: Biltmore Mattresses

    The most comfortable mattress I've ever owned! Great quality and value for the money!

    Was this review helpful? 23 3
  7. D

    Deborah D. Verified Buyer

    Happy Sleeper!

    Product: Biltmore Mattresses

    I am so very happy with my Biltmore Restonic mattress! I prefer a firm, flat top mattress and after searching for MANY months, this model was just what I was looking for (they are hard to find these days as many people seem to prefer a softer, foam mattress). It offers enough comfort for my side sleeping body but the firm support that I need! I have had it a month and am glad that I chose a Restonic.

    Was this review helpful? 46 22