ComfortCare® Level 5

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Breathe in. Breathe out. Your elevated sleep experience is waiting for you to indulge yourself with our ComfortCare Level 5 mattress collection. Triple cooling technology paired with TempaGel memory foam will help you fall asleep faster – and stay asleep longer. What’s more, our patented Marvelous Middle® technology delivers 25% more support in the center third of your mattress where you need it most. Let your back know it’s in for a treat tonight.

Comfort feel available:

  • Ultra Euro Top

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Inside the ComfortCare mattress

Triple Cooling Technology

Creates a cooling effect by gently moving heat away from your body for a temperature-controlled micro-climate.
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  1. S

    Sonseeahray Verified Buyer

    Great Mattress

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Great Mattress

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  2. G

    Gail Verified Buyer

    Good Investment

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Getting this mattress was a good investment so both my husband and I could get a better nights rest.

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  3. S

    Sandra Verified Buyer

    RV short queen mattress

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    We love our new mattress. The special order item was delivered in two weeks as promised. We live in our RV full time and appreciate a quality, well made mattress.

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  4. F

    Fred Verified Buyer

    Very comfortable

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    But this mattress to replace the one in my cabin slept like a baby the first night very comfortable and nice for great for my back

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  5. S

    Sarah Verified Buyer

    I bought some twins and

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I bought some twins and they were so comfortable. I thought why should my guests sleep better than I so I bought another one for me.

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  6. f

    frances Verified Buyer

    Best Sleep Ever

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    This is my second Restonic. I love the new Hybrid mattress. I am not sure what the actual brand is as not many stores carry it. I highly recommend this mattress. We sleep so well on this.

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  7. M

    Matthias Verified Buyer

    Restonic Mattress

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    very comfortable and firm mattress

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  8. M

    Mike Verified Buyer

    Good value.

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Good value.

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  9. K

    Kim F. Verified Buyer

    Very Comfortable

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I got this bed for my 11 year old that moved up to a double bed from a twin, and she loves it. We both fit in it and its very comfortable with the support for the both of us.

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  10. D

    David Verified Buyer

    Love it.

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Love it.

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