ComfortCare® Level 5

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Inside the ComfortCare mattress

Triple Cooling Technology

Creates a cooling effect by gently moving heat away from your body for a temperature-controlled micro-climate.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Your elevated sleep experience is waiting for you to indulge yourself with our ComfortCare Level 5 Mattress Collection. Triple cooling technology paired with TempaGel memory foam will help you fall asleep faster – and stay asleep longer. What’s more, our patented Marvelous Middle® technology delivers 25% more support in the center third of your mattress where you need it most. Let your back know it’s in for a treat tonight.

Comfort feel available:

  • Ultra Euro Top
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  1. M

    Midwest G.

    Go To Brand-Restonic

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    We have multiple Restonic mattresses throughout our home. There’s no need to search for another brand. Our current Restonic is reaching 10+ years old. When we need to replace it, we’ll only buy this brand once again. As our kids graduated from the cheap mattresses that came with their bedroom furniture sets when they were little, we bought them Restonics. I can’t imagine walking into a furniture store with multiple brands ever again and trying to narrow it down. Quality, ease of decision making, and various price points with Restonic!

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  2. D

    David Verified Buyer

    Good Quailty at a Reasonable Cost

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I purchased my mattress set several weeks ago and have been using it ever since. The mattress is comfortable and I have detected no manufacturing defects so far.

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  3. M



    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    We have bought many restonic mattresses. After buying our first one in 2005, it’s the only brand that we’ll buy. Our guests always tell us how comfortable the beds are.

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  4. C

    Craig S.

    Box Spring Crunching Noise

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    My wife and I have purchased 2 kings and a queen over last 7 years. Great comfortable mattresses. Box springs on one of our king beds though started to make a very noticeable crunching noise when moving on mattress. Noise is very disturbing and distracting when my wife or I change positions while sleeping. Retailer told me they have received several similar complaints from customers. Retailer said nothing they can do about it. They suggested we buy new boxsprings. If this is the case, we will not be buying or recommending Restonic beds. 3 out of 5 stars because of the box springs. I would suggest pairing quality box springs with the mattresses.
    Thank You for Your Time and Interest

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  5. J

    Jackie L. Verified Buyer

    Very comfortable

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Very comfortable

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  6. M

    Melanie Verified Buyer

    I am no longer total

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I am no longer total exhausted by the end of the work day. The cooling effect of the mattress has helped me to go back to sleep when I wake up at night. I love this mattress.

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  7. C

    Casey Verified Buyer

    Very comfortable. No more stiffness

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    Very comfortable. No more stiffness when I get up in the morning.

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  8. G

    Gordon Verified Buyer


    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses


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  9. D

    Dan T. Verified Buyer


    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    We like this mattress. It's taken a few weeks for our backs to get used to it but we're sleeping well and it seems to be well made.

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  10. A

    Angela W.

    Best Mattress Ever

    Product: ComfortCare® Mattresses

    I was in a serious car accident that broke my back and collapsed several discs in my neck and lumbar spine. I spent 6 years having 8 surgeries, and sleeping on 3 different mattresses before finding this one. Restonic is seriously the best nights sleep I've ever had bar none. Highly recommended. Thank you!

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