Scott Living Level 4 Mattress

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Drew and Jonathan, hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers want to take your sleep experience to a whole new level. In fact, we think you’ll sleep better than you ever thought possible with the Scott Living Level 4 Hybrid Mattress. Pushing the limits of what’s possible in mattress tech, the unique combination of trademarked technologies – like Q5 Twin Support and AlumiLast Memory Foam – work together to help you sleep cooler and longer.

Scott Living by Restonic Mattresses are a reflection of Drew and Jonathan Scott’s personal style, inspired by what they hold dear: home, family and a commitment to quality. Comfort feels available:

  • Plush Euro Top
  • Ultra Plush
  • Extra Firm
Inside the Scott Living mattress

3X Cooling: Three exclusive sleep technologies.

  • Cooling fiber in the cover delivers an ultimate cool touch surface to help you fall asleep faster.
  • An inner layer directly below the surface acts as a temperature regulator to help you stay asleep longer.
  • Graphite Memory Foam pulls heat away while you sleep to help you wake up feeling rejuvenated.
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Scott Living Mattress
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  1. C

    Cassie P. Verified Buyer

    Comfortable Sleep!

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I was excited to sleep on the Restonic Scott Living Shippable Sleep Hybrid Mattress. It was my first experience with a hybrid mattress and I was eager to replace our 15+ year old spring mattress.

    The description states it has “edge-to-edge sleep surface, maximum adjustability, and 5 support zones for correct spinal alignment”. I love the idea of the edge-to-edge sleep surface, but I noticed on our mattress that the memory foam top layer is not adhered exactly to the edge of the bottom layer, which creates a bit of an unsupported “lip” of about a half inch on one side of the mattress. It certainly doesn’t effect the comfort while sleeping, but it is noticable while sitting on the edge.

    One thing I really like about the mattress is that I can’t really feel when my significant other moves around on his side of the bed. I also like the feel and comfort of the top quilting.

    It has been an adjustment to go from a spring mattress to a memory foam/hybrid mattress. I think I prefer my spring mattress for longevity, but, after researching online, spring mattresses are more difficult to come by these days.

    Overall, we’re happy with the comfort of this mattress. It’s not too soft, but not too firm, which is exactly what we prefer. My only concern is how long it will last. We don’t think it will be as comfortable in 15 years, as compared to our spring mattress, but we expect to get several great years of comfortable sleep on it! Then we plan on looking at some of the other, higher end, thicker mattresses from this same line.

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  2. J

    Justin S. Verified Buyer

    Amazing Mattress with All The Perks

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I tried this product and received a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. The Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress comes to your door in a flash and is designed to provide a comfortable, cool, great night’s sleep. Whether you are on a platform, box spring, or adjustable base, the Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress is base friendly and can work with whatever you may be utilizing. The exclusive edge-to-edge technology provides maximum support and adjustability, great for deep comfort all over.

    The Scott’s Living Shippable Sleep Mattress was delivered very quickly. Upon bringing it into the home, it was very easy to unbox. The mattress expanded to full capacity immediately in a matter of minutes. The protective cover has a modern and unique design and is very soft to the touch. Upon feeling the top, it was soft, conforming, yet firm and supportive. There was zero smell to this mattress which was amazing because it was immediately ready to use!

    This is my first memory foam mattress and the only thing I regret is not switching to one sooner (especially the Scott’s Living Sleep Mattress). This first week of sleep has provided some of the best sleep I have had in a while. While I cannot speak to the longevity of it yet, it feels like high quality and it will last for years to come. The mattress conforms to your body, yet you can still easily move around without feeling like you have sunk into a hole. Upon waking up, my body feels rejuvenated and does not ache. I never woke up in a night sweat either. The mattress provides a cooling feature that allows you to rest throughout the entire night.

    I would highly recommend the Scott Living Shippable Sleep Mattress to anyone, any age, as long as your desire a great night’s sleep. We sleep 1/3 of our life, so you should be getting the best night’s rest you possibly can, and this bed is a great way to start. This is a high quality mattress that can be at your door within days and you can start feeling the same great morning wake-ups that I have felt over this last week!

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  3. C


    Still Recommend 2 Years Later

    Product: Scott Living Shippable Sleep

    I have had this mattress for 2 years now and I still recommend it to people. I miss my bed when I stay anywhere else. It is the perfect firmness with enough give to be the coziest place to end your day and not want to get out of in the morning.

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  4. D

    DEANNA Verified Buyer

    The mattress is wonderful. Feels

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    The mattress is wonderful. Feels like it wraps its arms around you. I hate to leave it in the morning.

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  5. J

    John Verified Buyer

    Only had it for three

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    Only had it for three days but so far, it's been great to sleep on

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  6. K

    Karan Verified Buyer

    I've already recommended to friends.

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    I've already recommended to friends.
    I was definitely due for a new mattress.

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  7. R

    Richard N. Verified Buyer

    Great comfort

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    Great comfort

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  8. S

    Sojan Verified Buyer

    Good Mattress

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    Good Mattress

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  9. L

    Lori Verified Buyer

    Love the comfort

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    Love it…have slept very well since I got this mattress

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  10. A

    Alvin Verified Buyer

    nice supporting mattress

    Product: Scott Living Mattresses

    nice supporting mattress

    Was this review helpful? 7 2