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Our bedrooms – our favorite place to snuggle, share secrets and sink into blissful, beautiful sleep. Whether it’s fabulously feminine or splashed with brilliant colors that evoke a lux topical escape, a well-designed bedroom is the heart of the home with the power to soothe, heal and rejuvenate – bedroom therapy…

As part of a new series – Bedroom Therapy – we’re taking a peek at the inner sanctuaries of interior designers and design enthusiasts. If you haven’t met Franki Durbin, you’re in for a treat. Whether vacationing in Amalfi or seeking the perfect cocktail dress for a fête, Franki is known for her sophisticated style and discriminating taste. Since beginning her blog, Life in a Venti Cup in 2006, Franki’s made it a point to share her luxurious living ideas with the world.

Classic glamor, a romantic sleeping spaceFranki's pillows

Franki relentlessly pursues luxurious style and her bedroom is a sublime example that classic can be creative and soothing. Her current bedroom design began with the quiet sophistication of cream, upholstered headboards and Demilune bedside tables with brass pulls. “I love timeless silhouettes and styles with an emphasis on glamorous fabrics and finishes,” she shared. “While I favor texture over pattern and largely eschew bold colors, I’ve been known to add a wildcard fabric into the mix sometimes. Recently I added two French Bergeres to the bedroom in Mary McDonald’s Bargello in Blush Conch for Schumacher fabric. Crazy, but it works. Classic doesn’t have to be boring!”

With all that luxury in one room, we asked her what she loved most about her bedroom. “For all the pretty things in my home, cuddle-time with my two remarkable girls is by far my most cherished possession.”

An evolution of luxurious sleep

Like most people, Franki’s bedroom has evolved through the years – especially as the girls began to arrive. “We’ve gone from queen to king (no turning back now, baby!),” she joked. “We’ve added a reading nook (perfect for quality time spent with the girls or simply unwinding) and in recent years I’ve begun taking quality bedding very seriously. Great sleep is essential, so I prioritize investing in the best. Especially with children in my life, mommy needs her beauty sleep and she takes it very seriously!”

Franki's daughterFranki’s bedroom is the family headquarters and maximizing the different ways they use the bedroom is constantly changing. “It’s our favorite reading spot, our movie theater and – of course – where mommy and daddy get our best sleep,” she said. “I’m often found playing games on the floor with the girls during the day or perched up on the bed typing out a blog post in the evenings. We truly make use of this room for all facets of our lives – it truly is the heart of our home.”

While some people declare their bedroom a digital-free zone, Franki welcomes technology to help her relax. “I love to read Flipboard on my iPhone. It aggregates news, design stories, blog posts, Facebook updates and product innovations all in one sleek app. I LOVE it and find it the perfect way to end my day.”



And then we asked Franki about her bed…Franki's bed

Franki and her husband have been sleeping on their current mattress for four years but she says it will be soon time to consider a replacement. “I really feel the mattress should be switched out periodically to protect our sleep.” For someone who prizes luxurious living, it’s no surprise that Franki prefers her mattress with a mile-high pillow-top. “If they sold big puffy white clouds to sleep on, I’d be first in line to place my order.”

We’re always eager to know if people make their bed in the morning and why. And everyone we ask shares something truly unique.

“Right away. I’m a big believer in a perfectly made bed with fresh sheets, fluffed up down comforters and plumped pillows. I’m a stickler about making the bed right away, and I’m an early riser. You will not find me with a messy bed. Start the day with an espresso, a prayer of gratitude, a great workout and a beautifully made bed – my early morning essentials!”

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