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Wendy's bedroomWithout sleep, our happiness, health and even life are at risk. A supportive mattress plays an important role here – but so does your surroundings. Your bedroom should be a haven from the busy-ness of the world, a place where your mind and body come to rest peacefully each night. If yours doesn’t deliver peace of mind, maybe it’s time for some bedroom therapy – with Wendy Patrick.

As part of a new series – Bedroom Therapy – we’re taking a peek at the inner sanctuaries of interior designers and design enthusiasts. Wendy Patrick creates unique coastal interiors for custom second homes and luxury beach-front rental properties in Port Saint Joe, Florida. We love how she balances the business of design with a fun, easy-going approach.

Wendy’s beachy bedroom style

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Wendy’s an Atlanta transplant, trading a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle for the soothing serenity of life at the beach. Her signature style reflects her new surroundings: coastal, serene and classic. “I live at the beach and love to explore bringing natural color and elements inside,” explained Wendy. “My favorite colors are sea glass shades because they’re a reminder of the coast and the water. Natural sea coral is one of the most beautiful and classic decor elements to me.”

But don’t mistake Wendy’s love of the beach with laissez-faire or careless. Her designs invoke images of the kind of space we imagine Grace Kelly would have lived in – had she set up camp at the beach instead of a palace. “My most prized possessions in my bedroom are filled with memories and comfort: my family photos and my great-grandmother’s pearls. I love mixing traditional elements with my beach style and pride myself with doing coastal differently.”

How Wendy uses her bedroom

chico in wendy's bedBedrooms are for sleep but many of us live large portions of our lives there as well. Wendy cordons off her bedroom for rest and relaxation, indulging in her love design books and magazines while lying in bed. And if a glass of wine is nearby, she won’t complain.

“While I have a TV in my bedroom, it’s rarely turned on,” she responded when we asked her about electronics in her sleep sanctuary. “But if I am watching TV to go to sleep, my favorite show is The Golden Girls.”

Wendy’s planning some mattress shopping in the near future and says she prefers a soft, plush mattress, one she can sink into and forget all her cares. “I either sleep on my stomach or my side but never my back, because it makes me feel like I’m staring at the ceiling waiting for something to happen.”

We’re always eager to know if people make their bed in the morning and why. And every one we ask shares something truly unique.

“My day has not begun unless my bed is made. I may let it slide a day on the weekend but that’s rare. I prefer neat and tidy all the time, mainly because I think it’s pretty and I like to look the look of it.

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