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Cool Breakfasts for Hot Summer MorningsAhhh…summer! Oh how we love you. The warm sun on our faces when we wake, great weather to enjoy family and friends and outdoor naps, of course. Can’t forget about the cooling breezes come night for our best sleeps ever. This is how life is meant to be lived.

Summertime, when the livin’ needs to be easy – that goes for mealtime too. Because when the temps go up, our interest in heavy meals and complicated recipes goes way, way down. We’re looking to simplify mealtime – which means maximizing fresh, local produce. Starting with the first meal of the day, breakfast, we’re chilling out and making the most of what feels like the shortest season of the year.

Fruit and oatmeal breakfast bowl recipeFruit & oatmeal breakfast bowl recipe

Lately, we’re all about meal bowls – and we’re not leaving breakfast out. Why do we love bowls? The reasons are endless. Bowls are a great choice, beginning with quick and easy and ending with less dishes to clean. For example, this yummy and very healthy version combines the classic brekkie standby  – oatmeal – with your choice of fruits and toppings for a fresh, bright and nutritious start to the day. Summer tip: cook up a batch of oatmeal and refrigerate to use throughout the week. Get the recipe:


Go-to smoothie bowl recipe Go-to smoothie bowl recipe

In the spirit of bowls, we can’t leave out one of the easiest versions of them all – the spoonable smoothie. Three ingredients, five minutes, endless combinations. Does it get any better, especially on a steamy summer morning? If you’ve ever made one of these babies you know how easy it is, once you nail the technique. All you need is a great blender and an imagination. This recipe will give you the tips you need to start blending. We know you can’t thank us because your mouth is full. Get the recipe:


Avocado toast recipeAvocado toast recipe

Did you think we could share a no-to-little cook recipe round-up without including avocado toast? This super quick breakfast/brunch option is so easy and has so many variations that we can’t even begin to share them all. To get started, all you need is – you got it – ripe avocado and your favorite type of toast. The rest is whatever your dreams make of it. Get ready for endless joy and tickled tastebuds. Get the recipe:


Breakfast tacos recipeBreakfast tacos recipe

Tacos. For breakfast. And you didn’t think we could level up everyone’s fave tex-mex dish. Seriously, if you’re a fan of breakfast burritos, you’re going to l.o.v.e this simpler variation. Keep your tacos basic with just scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, and queso fresco on a corn tortilla, or get fancy for weekend guests with unlimited extras. Yum, right? Summer tip: these also make the perfect light supper or late-night snack. Get the recipe:


Powerhouse protein parfaits recipePowerhouse protein parfaits recipe

Got a busy day ahead of you? It’s time to power up. Often, granola and yogurt parfaits can be loaded with sugar and refined carbs. But this one is all pumped up and ready to help you start your day. Layer fresh fruit with protein rich Greek yogurt and your fave crunchy protein cereal (one is suggested in the recipe), for a taste sensation that comes together in less than 5 minutes. Spoons at the ready, folks. Get the recipe:


Easy overnight oats recipeEasy overnight oats recipe

You know what makes breakfast really easy, and completely no-cook? Making it the night before! We’re not talking about leftovers here, but rather a dish that’s meant to be eaten the next day (or the day after that, or the next one, and so on…) All you do is stir together a few ingredients in a jar or container, cover and refrigerate. Next thing you know, your oatmeal is delicious and ready to eat. Top with endless delights to tickle your fancy. Think: fruit, chopped nuts, seeds, and more. Talk about fast food. Get the recipe:


Easy breakfast popsicles recipeEasy breakfast popsicles recipe

When we said we’d share breakfast recipes to keep you cool, we weren’t kidding. Freezer treats for breakfast? Why not! It’s summer! And not only are they so pretty to look at, and feel like a decadent sweet treat, these pops are actually healthy and protein packed. If you’d eat a bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola then these delectable breakfast popsicles are definitely a no-brainer for you. The only special equipment you’ll need is an ice pop mold – and room in your freezer, of course. Summer tip: We aren’t reserving these puppies for breakfast only. They’re about to become our number one snack item, too. Get the recipe:

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