Comparing mattresses to make a smart buying decision

How to Buy a MattressWhen’s the last time you bought a new mattress? Five years ago? Ten years ago? Do you remember where you bought it from or how long it took you to make a decision? Did it take you longer to buy your last car than it took you to buy your last mattress?

Did you know, the average consumer buys a mattress within a week of deciding to make the purchase? If you sleep on that mattress for ten years, you’ll spend just over three years on it. That’s a long time to live with a purchase that took less than a week to research, test and compare.

But buying a mattress is hard work, you say. Who wants to go to store after store and test out different mattresses?

Shopping for a new mattress is a lot like deciding to lose 10 pounds. The steps are simple (fewer calories in, more energy out) but they’re not easy. Buying a new mattress can be equally vexing but the outcome can be simply wonderful, right?

7 steps to help you buy the best mattress in the world (for you)

Is there such a thing as the world’s best mattress? If you find a mattress that consistently delivers a great night’s sleep, night after night, year after year, you found it. Lucky for you, we’ve got a sure fire strategy for buying the best mattress in the world in 7 simple steps. What could be easier?

1. Decide why you want to buy a new mattress. No, we’re not being Captain Obvious; we’re serious. Answer these questions and you’ll know what to focus on when you start test driving mattresses:

  • Is your current mattress sagging or lumpy?
  • Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of pain or temperature?
  • Do you sleep better when you’re away from home?

2. Decide how much you’re willing to spend. If you were planning to buy a big-screen TV or a new car, you’d have a ballpark budget set before you began shopping – same is true for buying a mattress. You might have BMW tastes but a Corolla budget and knowing that before you start shopping will help you focus your research. Need help knowing how much to spend? If you spent $2,000 on a new mattress and slept comfortably on that mattress for 7 years, the cost of healthy sleep would be $1.27 per night – less than the cost of Starbucks coffee each morning for the same time period.

3. Decide what kind of mattress you want to buy. Years ago, most of us slept on innerspring mattresses and life was good. Along came latex and memory foam mattresses and life was very good. Now there’s a whole range of all those options as well as combos – hybrid mattresses. If you know what problem you’re trying to solve (from question 1) a retail sales associate will be able to direct you to the best mattress category for you.

4. Decide where you want to learn more about mattresses. Shopping for a new mattress can begin in the comfort of your own home – though not on your current mattress if it’s uncomfortable. Visit retailer and manufacturer websites and hit up your friends on social media for their advice. Everyone has an opinion about mattresses – trust us!

5. Decide where you’ll shop in person. Department stores may advertise deep discounts but they can be crowded and it can be tricky to find a qualified salesperson to answer your question intelligently. You might find a more attentive salesperson at a specialty store and you might be surprised at their price competitiveness too. If you’re ready to shop, find an authorized Restonic Retailer near you.

6. Decide which mattress will solve your problems. Test driving lots of mattresses is the most important part of buying a new mattress. Regardless of what you’ve read, what your friends have told or what the salesperson says – nothing mattress more than how the mattress feels to you. Take time to lie on each mattress and use the same pillow for each one so you’re only comparing the feel of the mattress – nothing else. If you have joint or back pain, pay special attention to how those areas feel from mattress to mattress.

7. Decide how you’ll protect your new mattress. Stains on a mattress void the warranty – with every manufacturer. A tipped cup of coffee or a spilled glass of wine and there’s no going back. Invest in a waterproof mattress protector when you buy your mattress – for hygiene and to protect your warranty. You’ll be glad you did.

Ready to go mattress shopping and start sleeping better? If you’re ready for a new mattress, we’d love to help you find the right one for you. Visit our Find a Retailer page and we’ll locate a store close by where you can lie on our mattresses and talk to a trained sales professional.

We’re betting that when you find the world’s best mattress (for you), your morning will become a nice-to-have rather than a must-have…

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