How the Presidential Candidates Sleep


president obama sleep comparisonSleeping their way to the White House

The primary elections are coming to an end and 2 contenders will be running for the prized job as President of the United States by summer. When choosing a candidate, you might consider policies such as the environment, the economy, healthcare and taxes – all very important. But do you think about which candidate gets the best sleep? Or if a sleep deprived candidate can run our country?


President Obama announced he’ll be sleeping for 3 months after his term to catch up on all the sleep he lost. The job is exhausting and a well-rested president needs to always take the lead. Before checking the ballot, we compared all the candidates and their sleep routines to help decide the vote. 

Hillary Clinton – the power napperpresidential nominee Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been in the political spotlight for 35 years. We all know her many list of duties include being the most traveled Secretary of State and a mother and grandmother – she’s beyond busy. How does she manage to squeeze in shut-eye while campaigning for the White House?

Former Secretary of State Clinton always wants to get more sleep and can’t live without it. In 2010, she emailed her friend, Betsy Ebeling saying she wanted try a Swiss sleep sanatorium and asked a staffer to print out articles of how sleep effects women’s health. So, what does she do to manage her sleep routine? She takes quick 10 minute power naps whenever possible.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, seems dedicated to issues close to her – hence lack of sleep – and creating a solution to fix the issue. We wonder if this will be the case in her presidential race.

If you feel like Hillary and want to fit power napping into your daily routine, we have the perfect guide for you with our power napping 101.

Ted Cruz running for presidentTed Cruz – the night owl

Mr. Cruz isn’t a morning person, and as presidents aren’t known to sleep late, this might be an issue. He’s been known to send out emails with a 1 am time stamp, beginning dinners when most people are going to bed and stretching out meetings into the wee hours of the morning. Our conclusion? Sleep doesn’t seem to be a top priority for Ted Cruz.  

Chip Roy, his former senate chief of staff says, “Ted stretched meetings until 2 am and everyone knew better than to schedule a 7am interview or breakfast. Someone has to text him to get out of bed.” Staffers have been told not to contact him until the afternoon.

Staying up late into the night and struggling to wake in the morning doesn’t do a body good, especially if you live a busy life. If you’re like Ted Cruz, time to take control with some DIY sleep tips to get back on track.

Bernie Sanders – the secret sleeperBernie Sanders running for president

Not much is known regarding Bernie’s sleep routine, but he’s stated that he has never hit the snooze button on his alarm clock. Research says, not hitting the snooze demonstrates increased productivity and Bernie does seem to be motivated and making progress in his campaign.

Do you hit the snooze button repeatedly or wake up earlier than you need to? Your alarm clock says a lot about you and your sleep routine. Find out your alarm clock personality.

wikipediaEditedDonald Trump – the sleep depriver

Trump is a known sleep shamer and has bragged about being sleep deprived – interesting. Truth be told, the Donald who credits his success to not sleeping. It’s also been reported that he sees no benefit of sleeping 8 hours per night and has complained he tosses and turns for 4 hours per night. For someone who credit his billions of dollars and incredible success to lack of sleep he must not be sleeping his way to the top.

Sleep deprivation is no joke and should be taken seriously. If you’re like the Donald and think you suffer from lack of sleep, find out what you can do to get the sleep you need and deserve.

Sleep and the election

Sleep has been a hot topic in recent years and especially in this year’s primary election. A good night’s sleep goes a long way to improving life – from living a healthy lifestyle, staying productive and focusing on day to day tasks. Should we elect a president who doesn’t value sleep? Would a sleep-deprived president make poor decisions while running the country?

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