6 Top Sleep Blogs You Should Be Reading

Sleep advice from around the internet

We love talking about sleep so much we can do it in our sleep – true! But believe it or not our SleepBlog isn’t the only blog to offer healthy sleep tips and advice on the net. We’ve searched the web to bring you the best sleep-related news and advice blogs out there. Here they are for your reading pleasure and research help:

debra warmedmilkThe Warm Milk Journal

This blog is written by a mom and writer named Debra, who has battled anxiety and insomnia for years. She started her blog to help others with similar issues. You can find advice about dealing with insomnia, inspirational essays about living out your dreams, mediation exercises and much more. Check out TheWarmMilkJournal.com

sharz letsleepblogsLet Sleeping Blogs Lie

This blog is comes from a land Down Under. Writer Shaz Fisher has been operating this blog for the last two years and has tackled everything from sleep health to parenting to the art of proper good morning texting. Read about it all at LetSleepingBlogsLie.net

sleepsistersSleep Sisters

This blog is from sisters Melissa Freidman Zdrodowski and Dr. Debbie Freidman Sasson, PsyD. Their focus is on children, more specifically how to get your children to sleep. They discuss everything from swaddling your newborn to preparing your kindergartener for his or her first sleepover. Read their advice at SleepSisters.com

bettersleep betterlifeBetter Sleep Better Life

This blog’s title says it all. This blogs covers everything from sleep disorders to sleep health. They focus on offering advice and research to ensure everyone gets the right amount of sleep needed to live a long, healthy life. Read about all of it at Better-Sleep-Better-Life.com

drbreusThe Insomnia Blog

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in sleep disorders, is dedicated to informing the public and healthcare communities about sleep disorders and “disordered sleep” in a sleep-deprived society. Read Dr. Breus’ advice at TheInsomniaBlog.com

dana oblemanDana Obleman’s Child Sleep Blog

Dana Obleman is a parenting and sleep consultant. Her blog focuses on how to help parents develop healthy sleep habits in their children – she’s the creator of the famous Sleep Sense Program. Load up on Dana’s advice and tips and help your children sleep better at SleepSense.net

We hope you find these blogs helpful and entertaining.


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