happy fathers dayLet your little ones treat Dad to breakfast in bed!

Today’s the day! It’s time to celebrate the guy who’s always here for us, rain or shine, through thick and thin. Yep, we’re talking about dear old (or young) Dad. From changing diapers to changing the oil, he’s the man we rely on to get things done. In fact, he’s our very own Superhero.

Father’s Day can be pretty busy, with all the visits with Grandpas, Dads, Uncles and bonus parents. There’s sure to be a BBQ to close out his day, so we’re starting our celebration of the big guy early – and that means breakfast. This year we’re getting the younger generation involved, challenging our kiddos to come up with their most spectacular creations. Step aside Chopped Junior Champs, there’s a new kid in town. And here’s what they’re making.

Cheesy eggs-in-a-hole with bacon recipe

Let’s get cracking! We’re starting with a mashup of grilled cheese and the classic bacon and eggs breakfast, making it all a little more fun. This recipe is do-able for all ages, especially if you share the tasks. Let your littles cut out the hole in the bread with their favorite cookie cutter, while your biggies can crack the eggs and do the flipping. We can tell you this: there won’t be one bite left. Get the recipe: foodnetwork.com

Banana cream pie overnight oats recipeBanana cream pie overnight oats recipe

All right, just calm down. We’re not suggesting pie for breakfast – although we would be totally ok with that… These super-healthy overnight oats have all the flavors of banana cream pie, with none of the guilt. They’re so easy to make, which means any age child can get involved. And the best part? They ‘cook’ themselves overnight, which means less stress in the morning. You in? Get the recipe: womansday.com

Breakfast egg muffins 3 ways recipeBreakfast egg muffins 3 ways recipe

Not only can you – oops, we mean your kids – make these handy breakfast muffins 3 ways, but there are 3 reasons that we love them. Ready? 1. There’s a combo for every palate. We know children can be picky, and this way Dad gets the filling he loves, and the mini chefs do too. 2. They’re so easy to make. Chop, mix, pour, bake and eat. Little mess with large rewards. 3. They freeze beautifully. So, what you’re really doing is getting your kids to make breakfast for next week… Get the recipe: cafedelites.com

Banana berry smoothie recipeBanana berry smoothie recipe

In keeping with the stress-free, kid-friendly theme, we present to you the classic banana berry smoothie. Throw the ingredients in the blender and press start. How easy is that? Delicious, refreshing, super-creamy and tasty – who doesn’t love a smoothie? This one’s packed with tons of fruit, protein-rich yogurt, and fiber-filled chia seeds. Even if Dad isn’t a breakfast person, he’ll want to slurp it down. P.S. the recipe makes two servings – sharing recommended. Get the recipe: kidgredients.com.au

Fruity pebble french toast recipeFruity pebble french toast recipe

Even the healthiest eaters indulge once in a while, right? Presenting a breakfast delight that the kids will love making and dad will love eating. This sweet treat combines a childhood favorite breakfast cereal with a breakfast and brunch standby. Crunchy, sweet, colorful – your french toast game has just been one-upped. Pass the whipped cream, we’re going in for seconds. Get the recipe: delish.com

Yogurt & fruit parfaits recipeYogurt & fruit parfaits recipe

If your kids are too young to cook but still want to get involved, a breakfast parfait is the answer. You do the chopping; they do the sprinkling and spooning. There’s no end to how creative kids can get layering their Father’s Day parfait creations, which makes the process an exercise in art and imagination as well as learning basic food prep. Plus, they’re so pretty to look at, almost to pretty to eat, in fact. *Picks up spoon* – well, we did say almost. And we’re hungry. Get the recipe: foodnetwork.com

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