Transform your fridge full of holiday food into a taste celebration with these delish recipes!How to Turn Your Christmas Holiday Leftovers into Breakfast

Ahhh… holiday dinners. Whether you’re celebrating via zoom or face to face this year, we’re sure the food is a star player in your celebration. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, super creamy green bean casserole, potatoes and don’t forget the pie!

We’re drooling – and getting our stretchy pants ready – just thinking about it.

But you know what comes after a successful holiday dinner? You got it. Leftovers. Unless you’re a skilled mathematician capable of making exactly the right amount of food your guests will fork up, there’ll be loads of everything to pack up at the end of the meal.

But what do to with all that food?

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to hear the dreaded refrain of “What? We’re having leftover turkey again?” Instead of revisiting that same meal again and again and again, make some magical leftover dinners with what’s filling those containers stacked in your refrigerator. Done right, you can re-use your delicious holiday dinner without the Ghosts of Turkey Past coming a-calling.

Ready to give thanks for these great leftovers-for-breakfast recipes?

holiday casseroleHoliday Casserole Recipe

Talk about waste not, want not. This delightful casserole layers up to the key components of your festive meal and magically turns them into something (nearly) better than the original. Leftovers used: turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole. Grab the recipe:

day-after turkey soupDay-After Turkey Soup Recipe

Stop! Don’t throw that turkey carcass out. Instead, toss it in a pot and get started on the broth for this warming, healthy soup. Don’t worry if you bought too many sweet potatoes or an extra pile of green beans because you’ll need those too. Leftovers used: turkey carcass, turkey meat, raw sweet potatoes, raw green beans. Grab the recipe:

Crispy mashed potato & stuffing pattiesCrispy Mashed Potato & Stuffing Patties Recipe

Lots of dishes taste better the second day, but mashed potatoes are not one of them. Give those taters a second life when you mix them up with leftover stuffing and chopped turkey meat, form them into patties, then fry them to a golden, crispy brown. Do they look delicious, or what? Leftovers used: mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey meat. Grab the recipe:

leftover turkey & chorizo breakfast hashLeftover Turkey & Chorizo Breakfast Hash Recipe

You might be so full after dinner that you swear you’ll never eat again. But you will, trust us. So don’t forget about breakfast the next day. Make the most of your family time and the leftover turkey and whip up a delicious breakfast hash. The best part? The ingredient quantities are flexible, so no matter what you’ve got left, you’re good to go. Leftovers used: Chopped turkey, unused Chorizo sausage (or whatever you use in your stuffing), raw brussel sprouts. Grab the recipe:

turkey club sandwich saladTurkey Club Sandwich Salad Recipe

After the big meal you might be feeling the need for something fresh, crisp and a little lighter tasting? Turkey sandwiches, while a fan favorite, are, well, slightly pedestrian. So ditch the bread and go rogue with this club sandwich inspired salad. Don’t feel too virtuous though – there’s loads of bacon topping these greens. Leftovers used: chopped turkey. Grab the recipe:

pumpkin pie milkshakePumpkin Pie Milkshake Recipe

Is it a pie? Or is it a milkshake? Maybe it’s both! This decadent sweet treat doesn’t just have the flavors of pumpkin pie blended in, it has actual pumpkin pie as its base. Yes, we’re 100% serious. Leftovers used: pumpkin pie…(as if!). Grab the recipe:

Leftover Pumpkin Waffle Breakfast SandwichesLeftover Pumpkin Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches Recipe

When mashed potatoes can become breakfast food, all is right with the world. And when you can smash all your leftovers between pumpkin waffles, top them with an egg and call it breakfast? Our idea of perfect. But you know what else would make this an epic breakfast sandwich? Some cheese. Melt your favorite cheese on the pumpkin waffles before loading up. Bliss! Grab the recipe:

Pumpkin French Toast BakePumpkin French Toast Bake Recipe

It’s possible to say that we’ve never been so excited to hop out of bed on a Saturday morning. Mixing a batter of eggs, milk and pumpkin butter and spice with breadcrumbs the night before gives it plenty of time for the pumpkiny goodness to soak into the bread. In the morning, adding some sugar and you’re good to go – with your house filled to the brim with all those delicious aromas. Grab the recipe:

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