How do you say hello to better mornings? A better breakfast, of course!

What to eat for breakfastSkipped breakfast in favor of a double mocha Frappuccino extra whip? Getting a little hangry? Time to listen to your mom and get your breakfast on. Turns out there’s a whole lot of research supporting her warnings that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to eat fewer calories per meal throughout the day. People who skip breakfast fight hunger all day and tend to nibble their way through those afternoon arsenic hours (that mid-afternoon slump that has you longing for a nap). Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine found that people who filled up on a high protein breakfast felt less hungry, ate less during the day and gained less body fat over a 12 week period compared to others who skimped on their protein.

Some researchers believe a healthy breakfast can help regulate the almighty circadian clock too, suggesting that breakfast sends a clear signal to your body – time to get up and get moving. They even suggest that the first meal of the day can help you overcome jet lag, a stressful work schedule and inconsistent sleep patterns. The lesson is clear: start your day satiated and you’re more likely to make healthy choices for the remaining meals.

Easy avocado toast recipeWhat to eat for breakfast

According to a study in Circulation, an American Heart Association publication, people who skip breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from heart disease. Apparently skipping breakfast can make you hungrier, which leads to larger meals and blood sugar spikes – not so great for your heart.

These delish breakfast recipes will satisfy your tummy and heart.

Breakfast for lunchThe ultimate breakfast smash sandwich recipe

In many European countries, the largest meal of the day is at lunch, which fuels you up before the heavy lifting of the day. If you ignored our advice to have breakfast in the morning, these lunch/breakfast ideas should get your engine firing.

Breakfast for bedtime5 Super Simple Smoothie Recipes

A big, delicious dinner leaves you pushing back from the table, loosening your belt and dreaming about bedtime. Nice on Thanksgiving but deadly for the rest of the year. So what can you eat at night that won’t kill your diet? Start with the recipes below and then it’s bon appetite and sweet dreams all at once!

Rest well & wake up ready to go!

Better sleep gives rise to better mornings, bringing your goals into focus and dreams within reach. Hungry for more sleep info? Dig into these posts:

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