Better sleep begins with honoring what’s closest to your heart what color should i paint my bedroom

Interior designers know that delivering a good night’s sleep is the best way to ensure success when it comes to bedroom design. Every piece not only has to appeal to the attractiveness of the room – it also has to deliver a feeling of peace and sanctuary. And, of course, become a bedroom you’ll love sleeping in.

But how do interior designers decorate their own bedrooms for better sleep? We toured the bedrooms of more than a interior designers (and design enthusiasts) in hopes of learning how to design the perfect bedroom. What we found is that interior design is as unique as your fingerprint.

The good news is that these designers prove there’s more than one path to designing a beautiful bedroom. Feel free to steal ideas!

Madcap CottageMadcap Cottage designs a better bedroom

“John and I read heaps of international design magazines, so we fall asleep with visions of the fabulous World of Interiors floating about in our heads,” said Jason Oliver Nixon. “India, England, Morocco – we wake up refreshed with loads of ideas that we’re ready to implement.” Read more: Madcap Cottage Bedroom.

Barbara ViteriWhat goes on in Barbara Viteri’s bedroom?

Barbara believes she needs more sleep (don’t we all?) but she she struggles with the TV in the bedroom as her husband can’t sleep unless it’s on. Trouble is, she’s hooked until late in the evening while he’s fast asleep before the first commercial. Read more: Barbara Viteri.


Wendy PatrickBeachy bedroom therapy with Wendy Patrick

Wendy cordons off her bedroom for rest and relaxation, indulging in her love design books and magazines while lying in bed. And if a glass of wine is nearby, she won’t complain. “While I have a TV in my bedroom, it’s rarely turned on.” Read more: Wendy Patrick.

Stephen DimmickBedroom design with Stephen Dimmick begins with LOTS of color

We’re big fans of Stephen’s fun and flirty design style and we were thrilled when he invited us into the inner sanctum of his happy place. And while he says his bedroom is pretty boring – it’s decorated in pinks, oranges and greens – it’s clear his seismic meter is tuned a little more colorful than most. Read more: Stephen Dimmick.

Wanda HortonWoo me, soothe me, lead me to sleep

Wanda S Horton prefers a romantic, traditional bedroom. “I love being wrapped in an escape of soft pillows, special details and a little sparkle.” Her current bedroom design began with her beautiful, four poster bed, the Pavilion Bed from Councill Furniture. “It’s definitely the statement piece in the room.” Read more: Wanda S Horton.

Pat McMillanBedroom therapy begins with comforting, functional design

Pat McMillian is a much loved, published, quoted and featured interior designer. She’s the author of a multitude of books, including Home Decorating for Dummies and Christmas at Historic Houses, Vol. 2, available in stores December 2014. She’s a lover of roses, all things French and, of course, her family. Read more: Pat McMillan.

Franki DurbinClassic bedroom glamour with Franki Durbin

Franki relentlessly pursues luxurious style and her bedroom is a sublime example that classic can be creative and soothing. “For all the pretty things in my bedroom and home, cuddle-time with my two remarkable girls is by far my most cherished possession.” Read more: Franki Durbin.


Amanda KinneyBedroom therapy with Amanda Kinney, boho chic

Amanda says her bedroom is one of her favorite places. The bed is piled with feather pillows, the perfect space for snuggles, story time and sacred conversations before sleep. Read more: Amanda Kinney.


Heather KarlieThe Antique Diva designs a bedroom made for living

Since 2009, Heather and her husband have moved six times and reinventing their bedroom each time is a high priority. “But every bedroom we’ve slept in has been flush with personality and, of course, our sanctuary.” Read more: Antique Diva.

Ruth OlbrychColor my bedroom beautiful, says Ruth Obrych

For most people, a well-designed bedroom feels “right” when it’s focused on personal comfort, reconnection and sleep. “I make time each morning to anchor my day with meditation,” said Ruth. “My bedroom – filled with things that tell the stories of my life – is my sanctuary.” Read more: Ruth Olbrych.

 Lisa KahnBeautiful bedroom design begins with soul searching

Lisa Kahn believes interior design can affect personal wellbeing and she approaches all her projects – including her own bedroom – with a holistic lens. “My decor style is a reflection of what is important to me: timeless investments, elegant grace, relaxing comfort, peace, inspiration, integrity of materials, environmental sensitivity, nurturing energy, strength of character and a good sense of humor.” Read more: Lisa Kahn.

Brandon SmithStyling a bedroom with multi-layered passions

Brandon designs his bedroom with pieces that fit his personal style and complement his and his partner’s story. He’s shed the hand-me-downs and mass-marketed case goods in favor of pieces that touch his heart. “I’ve learned that I don’t have to stick to just one style as long as I find pieces I love,” he explained. “I’ve also learned that my over-active brain craves a less cluttered place at the end of the day to stretch out and dream.” Read more: Brandon Smith.

 DesAnn CollinsCreating the sweetest spot for sleep

DesAnn is a designer, decorator and home stager in Cleveland Ohio and says her bedroom is her last bastion of sanity. “In the evenings after a crazy busy day, I’ll retire to my fortress intentionally – just to be alone to think and dream and escape,” she explained. “I’ve learned that if I want to be creative in the morning, I need to honor my need for solitude in the evening.” Read more: DesAnn Collins.

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